How Much is 30 Pieces of Silver Worth Today in 2022 and 2023, About 87 Billion Dollars

In this blog post, we’ll look into the Biblical 30 pieces of silver and will talk about how much that money would be worth today, as well as what it likely was worth for Judas back in Biblical times when it was originally sold, And so in this blog post, we’ll look at the question of how much is 30 pieces of silver worth today in 2022 dollars. So, from what I can gather from various online sources, it looks like the 30 pieces of Silver that Judas was payed for betraying Jesus was likely somewhere in the range of about 6 weeks of middle class wages. Say the average US salary is somewhere around $50,000 per year, and you’ve got about $6,000, minus whatever the tax collector takes, for Judas, not a bad payday and something that I think would make anyone at least stop and think about it for a second, especially since it was probably off the books, under the table money, and since Judas was likely not drawing any sort of salary at this time, you can imagine that this would’ve been a pretty good payday. It’s the equivalent of giving $6,000 to someone who is working part time at Starbucks….it’s definitely a lot of money for someone in that level of income.

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Another thing I want to explore within this blog post however, is how much money that would be if it was put into a Treasury bond, at the rate of inflation for 1970 years to compound, or if it was put into the stock market at a 10% rate of return and allowed to compound at that level for 300 years (the length of time the stock market has been open since the creation of the Dutch East India Company in 1602 and their first IPO.) The two numbers are pretty astronomical, so hold on to your seats. And as always, for more information, be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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How Much is 30 Pieces of Silver Worth Today in 2022, Why I’d Say Between $6,000 and $1 Trillion Dollars

Okay so in doing some math, the $6,000 number that I came up with comes from the fact that 30 pieces of silver is worth something like $216 USD in today’s money. From here, the math is pretty simple in looking up what wages were back in the year 30 AD when this incident occurred, and finding out that that amount of money was equivalent to about 6 weeks of the average wage. This would translate to around $6,000 in off the books money, which is not an insignificant amount of money and something that I think everyone would think about. With this in mind, there are a few other numbers to consider:

  1. If you took this $216 in the year 30 AD, and let it compound in a US Treasury bill, at a 2% ROR, then you would have around $1 Trillion Dollars right now, which inflation adjusted might be something like $500 Billion Dollars, not too shabby for just parking your money in a bank account for 2000 years.
  2. If you took this $216 and left it sitting in cash until the first stock market came up via the Dutch east India company in 1602, then you would have something like $5,000,000,000,000.00, yes that’s right, Five Trillion dollars per the 10% annualized interest rate that you would’ve received for the last 400 or so years, this transaction that Judas made could’ve made his family the richest in the world for generations!

How Much is 30 Pieces of Silver Worth Today and Was it Worth the Trade in Biblical Times

So, at the time Judas got it, generational wealth for the future aside, it was worth about $6,000. So the gist of it is he sold Jesus out for a used Hyundai Alantra, what a guy. In understanding the fact that he was very poor and that this was likely around 3 to 5 months of living expenses at the time however, and he likely had less than probably $20 to his name and was a wondering nomad…..then well it becomes easier to see why the decision would’ve been made.

*Update to this, it is now 2022 and this blog post is nearly 2 years old, which is absolutely crazy for me to think about. With that being said, inflation adjusted, it is now worth even more! Inflation has hit the 7% to 10% annualized number, in hindsight I definitely picked the right name for my website, and I am very happy that I was able to grab this domain name while it lasts!

Final Thoughts on How Much is 30 Pieces of Silver Worth Today? My Review

What do you think of this blog post, and do you think that my inflation and investment figures are right given those rates of return over long periods of time? Leave a comment down below or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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