Robert Zane Suits, How Much Money Does Robert Zane Make?

In this blog post, we look at my Robert Zane Suits review, as we talk about how much money Robert Zane likely makes and of why he is such an overprotective father of his beautiful daughter Rachel Zane. We’ll also answer the question of how much money does Robert Zane make, in that he is quite possibly one of the wealthiest characters on the show just by his status, attitude and positioning as managing partner at his firm Rand, Caldor and Zane. Just as a general hint, it’s probably about $10M per year from what I can find regarding research on the show. We’ll also run through his relationship with his daughter Rachel Zane, and of why they have such a strained relationship. For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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My Robert Zane Suits Review, How Much Money does Zane Have?

So, getting right to the point on this, Robert Zane from Suits, doubling not only as Rachel Zanes over protective father, but also as the lead managing partner at Rand, Caldor and Zane, is likely making somewhere around $10,000,000.00 to $20,000,000.00 per year, which I think is a realistic estimate for the amount a managing partner might make in a large city like New York, especially for managing a quasi-top law firm like Robert does. This ridiculous wealth would likely compound strongly over time, and would definitely put Robert in a position where he has a net worth in excess of $100,000,000.00.This would likely explain the chip on Rachel’s shoulder and of why Robert lives in such a big house, he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and has made it to a net worth level within society that few can ever dream of.

Aside from Robert Zane’s amazing display of net worth and power in the show Suits, I also think that he displays a very healthy and wholesome display of character. Robert always does what he can to defend what is his and defend his family, especially his wife and his daughter and he has for decades also displayed some traits of the hero in that he will do what it takes to protect and to win. In looking at his psychological big 5 traits also, we can notice a few things about him right off the bat, namely that he is very hardworking, very conservative, and very outgoing, he is pretty well perfect on all 5 traits of the Big 5, here’s a look at his profile. 

  1. Conscientiousness – 99% – He is definitely hardworking and you can tell he works nonstop by how his attitude is on certain areas of the show.
  2. Openness – He is actually pretty low in openness, and you can tell this by some of his reactions to Rachel dating mike, and of how conservative and non-liberal his temperament is. With this in mind, he is in New York so he may be something of a moderate conservative.
  3. Extroversion – He is extremely outgoing as shown by his profession in management and as an attorney.
  4. Agreeableness – He is much more agreeable, and is even more so than Harvey or Louis are.
  5. Neuroticism – He is moderate in neuroticism. And while you’ll probably never see Robert have a panic attack like even Harvey Specter has had or get as neurotic as Mike or Rachel sometimes does, he is definitely protective of his little girl, which can make his anxious at times.

Final Thoughts on My Robert Zane Suits Review, How Much Money Does Robert Zane Make?

And that’s the gist of Robert Zane, what do you think of his character, and do you think his money figures are spot on? I’m taking these from both Suits fan fiction, forum conversations, and by basing it on the salaries of top managing partners of New York Law firms. For more information on all things finance, Suits and reviews of Suits characters, comment below and subscribe.







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