Why was Suits Cancelled? My Take on Why We Will Never See a Season 10 of Suits

Why was Suits canceled? My take on this, aside from the fact that the show had dragged on for nine seasons and they were starting to run out of plot material, is that really the writers had no other direction to go in for the show. Harvey had already Married Donna, Mike and Rachel were already getting married, and the shows finale was at their wedding, and it was probably time for a happy ending and to put a bow on this and wrap it up. Harvey marries Donna, Mike married Rachel, Louis got married and had a baby with Sheila, and Mike and Harvey went to be together with the four of them, being Mike Rachel Donna and Harvey, at a law firm that they all be running themselves, a solid ending to the mega-series. Find out more below why Suits was cancelled as a show, and be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional info on all things finance!


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Why Was Suits Cancelled? End of an Era

It made for a pretty good TV to wrap it up that way, and I will always love the final scene of suits, where they played the song Viva la Vida, and showed Harvey Specter in his final moments in the office, putting down his glass of whiskey and walking out of his office, like a king, who just won the war. I think the Fais Richardson plot of season nine, also started to drag on and got extremely boring, and some of the battles and conversations that they had towards the end started to look super scripted compared to some of the older seasons of suits.

Personally, I really like classic suits a lot better, which would be seasons 1234 and five. Season five, And it’s close was really when the show ended for me, pass this it was basically dragging it on and having new plot holes to keep basically a dead storyline going, all of this and the new spin off with Jessica Pearson is partially why I think they canceled the show, and I think it ended at the right time.

What Suits Season 10 Could Have Look Like

I personally think that they might have been able to drag the show out just a little bit more over the course of another say 10 to 16 episode series. As season 10 opens, we once again see Harvey Specter and Mike Ross working together, as partners yes, but this time with Mike as Harvey Specter’s boss instead of vice versa like in the other earlier episodes of the show. Not only could the show touch on the pair struggling to work as a team once again due to the change in Dynamic, but it could show them crossing lines for the good guys, shredding memo’s and the like in order to help innocent civilians get money for their troubles, rather than just fattening the pockets of corporations and rich people again.

Final Thoughts on The Question of Why Was Suits Cancelled?

So yes, Suits was likely cancelled due to the plot line dragging on for too long, for the reason that Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and Megan Markle all moving on to bigger and better projects now. Personally, while they obviously could have dragged it out for just one more season…the show was starting to get kind of stale, and it did go out on a good note with honors, it was probably best to not ruin it by making a bad final season. For more information on all things money, read on and subscribe for more info!




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