Louis Litt Net Worth, How Much Money Does Louis Litt Have?

In today’s blog post, we look at the Louis Litt net worth, and will compare this to Jessica and Harvey Specter’s net worth’s. My goal is to run through just about every single character on the show in terms of their net worth, and I have got to say Louis Litt is the one that I have been looking forward to the most, because my speculation is that he has the highest net worth of all the characters on the show. Harvey and Jessica are extremely powerful strategists and have fantastic people skills, but both pale in comparison to the financial knowledge and expertise of Louis Litt, something that has served him greatly in his career in the show. And so, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through why I think Louis Litt has a net worth in excess of $200,000,000.00.


Other character’s that we’ll be covering on the show, in terms of there net worth are:

Mike Ross

Jessica PearsonLouis Litt Net Worth

Harvey Specter

Jonathan Sidwell

Tony Geonopolis

Katrina Bennett

Robert Zane

Rachel Zane

Jeff Malone



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Louis Litt Suits, The Net Worth of Louis Litt and How Much Capital I Think Louis Has

Louis Litt is probably my all time favorite character from Suits. Louis Litt has a net worth likely somewhere in the range of $250,000,000.00 due to his immense financial expertise. There is a part of the Suits series in Season 6 where each partner at Pearson Specter Litt shows there net worth to each other, an attempt to see how much capital they had to possibly raise in order to save the firm and restart. The partners are all shocked at Louis’s net worth, and Harvey even says at one point “if you had this much money why didn’t you pony up Donna’s salary when you had the chance.” Louis says “basic financial management skills.”

Louis Litt’s mindset about money shows how good he is with money, how he only splurges when he needs to and of how he always is cheap, looking to save a buck in everything he does. He also has been shown to understand income tax, accounting, and corporate auditing at a very high level. He has a JD and an MBA, both from ivy league schools, and is well known to be an expert in financial matters, even challenging Charles Forstman in some of their shady office dealings. Louis Litt is by far the best businessman in the show overall, he is a fantastic attorney and finance guy, and he is one of the coolest characters in the show without a doubt.

My Big 5 Personality Traits for Louis Litt, And How These Are Perfect For Making His 9 Figure Income

With all of Louis’s financial knowledge as a lawyer, he also has a very interesting personality. In looking at the Big 5 Personality Model of Louis Litt, we find the following:

  1. Openness to Experience – Louis is probably somewhere around the 50th percentile in the trait of openness. While he is in a very conservative career field, he is also highly intelligent, and has many artistic interests like the ballet and classical music. 51st percentile.
  2. IQ – His IQ is something like 145, this puts him in the 95th percentile for intelligence. It would take at least that much to get into Harvard law school, and to also succeed at a top law firm.
  3. Conscientiousness – He is also at something like the 95th percentile for conscientiousness, which basically boils down to hard work. It is said that Louis and his work ethic are absolutely unprecedented, and that he works harder than just about anyone else in the firm, this is another major character trait for him.
  4. Agreeableness – Louis is at about the 51th percentile for this as well. He definitely packs a punch and has been known to have anger outbursts, but actually a lot of this is really rooted in compassion and agreeableness. He has been shown to have a strong love of animals, such as cats when he even goes to court to battle in one of them, and to be very emotional in things like friendships and relationships. This gets him into trouble much more than someone’s cool headedness and aggression does, like say Harvey Specter.
  5. Extraversion – Extraversion puts Louis at around the 75th percentile. He is very outgoing although not as much as someone like Harvey Specter. And while he has fantastic people skills and has been shown to be able to hold his own in the courtroom as much as Harvey, he’s not at the 99th percentile in this like Harvey is.
  6. Neuroticism – Louis is probably around 38th percentile for neuroticism. He is incredibly stress resistant and has held down a job as a Manhattan lawyer at a top law firm for some time, even rising to the ranks of managing partner. With this being said, his anxiety does sometimes get the better of him, and he, again, can let his emotions run wild to the point where he cannot control them, it is one of his worst character flaws. Be that as it may, he gets significantly better at controlling himself in this department as time goes on.

Final Thoughts on My Louis Litt Net Worth Review, How Much Money Does Louis Litt Really Have?

And so, that is my full analysis of Louis Litt from Suits. He is really a fantastically well-written character, and he has his skillets which make him extremely dangerous when he needs to be. He is persistent and is very skilled in his own right, he is well respected in financial matters and is always willing to fight for his firm and those close to him. What did you think of my Louis Litt analysis? Read on or comment down below and let us know.




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