Why Did Donna Get Fired on Suits?

Why did Donna get fired on suits? The storyline in season two of Suits about Daniel Hartman‘s memo, is the one in which Donna gets fired for a short period of time before being brought back by Harvey Specter. Donna gets fired because she finds a memo that Harvey Specter is looking for that would save him in court. She shreds it because she thinks that the opposite would happen, but it would hurt Harvey Specter and herself, and so she tries to save her own backside by getting rid of the document. This backfires, as Mike Ross catches for doing this in the file room, and ask her exactly what happened. She says that her name is signed on the document and she has no recollection of ever doing this, the reason she has no recall of doing this is that Daniel Harmon lied on the memo and forged her signature. More on the details of this later in the blog post, be sure to read on and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things business and TV!

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Why Did Donna Get Fired on Suits? The Destruction of the Memo That Could Save Harvey Specter

Jessica eventually finds out because I believe Harvey has to disclose what happened, and because he’s not super big on lying only when he has to, and Jessica fires Donna as punishment. Harvey later gets her back by apologizing and offering her a huge bonus, but in the meantime she’s left unemployed and somewhat humiliated in front of the entire firm. The best and happiest episode of that season is the one In which daughter comes back. She shows up happy and in a great dress as a gorgeous redhead, basically skipping into the office and super happy to be back by five and everyone. At the same time, Louis Litt has just been promoted to senior partner, and he is just as happy as Donna is to be back. The scene shows the both of them happy dancing and skipping through the hallways, feeling blessed to be back in their old career spots, and ends on a happy note.

Mike Ross Saves the Day, His Best Superhero Moment Regarding the Memo

As far as the memo that nearly cost Donna her career, and quite possibly her marriage to Harvey Specter more down the line in her life, Mike Ross was the one that found the original, nearly getting a signed affidavit at the last minute and pulling off a bluff to make all the partners think that the guy had actually admitted to fabricating the memo. And while it was a bluff, with Mike Ross even admitting that he signed his own name to the document so that it was legal, the bluff did work, with Mike Ross managing to convince all the other partners that Hardman had done it, getting him booted off the board.

Why Did Donna 86 the Memo?

Donna got rid of the memo because she thought that it would implicate both herself and Harvey, she was trying to CYA since the document that was supposedly bad had her name signed on it. I’m forgetting the exact details of the episode, but it sounds like her signature on this would implicate her as guilty, or so she thought, when really the opposite was true and it would have helped Harvey…they didn’t go into a ton of detail on the show.

Why Harvey Didn’t Fight for Donna

I think Harvey didn’t fight for Donna, like he did for Mike in that one Suits episode where Jessica found out about his secret, is that he felt that Donna had betrayed him here. Harvey felt that by Donna taking matters into her own hands, albeit it was in the interest of self preservation, rather than coming to Harvey with the problem, she took matters into her own hands, which definitely upset Harvey enough to not fight for her and to somewhat “look the other way” a decision he would later regret.

Why Did Donna Get Fired on Suits? My Final Thoughts and Opinion on This Occurrence

In conclusion, Donna got fired on Suits because she had lied to Harvey as much as because she shredded the document. The penultimate scene in the season is when Jessica Pearson says to Donna in her office “your actions have left me no choice but to terminate your employment at Pearson Hardman.” Gosh darn corporate, a pivotal episode indeed, and one where the relationship between Harvey and Donna was tested. For more information on all things Suits, business and Finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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