Suits Can Opener, My Hunch of What The Pre-Trial Ritual of Donna and Harvey Is On Suits

So, this’ll be something of a different blog post then what we usually write about (ah who am I kidding its the same dang thing), in that typically we write about business, or we write about business shows and relate them back to money somehow, but in this blog post, as a loyal Suits fan, I am going to do something entirely different here, I am going to give you my opinion on what I think the can opener is from suits, and what Harvey and Donna probably did with the Can Opener, as well as the story behind the can opener for those who don’t know the back story. For more info on all things business and business TV shows, be sure to comment down below and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!


The character’s on Suits who eventually find out about the can opener ritual include:

Harvey SpecterSuits Can Opener

Donna Paulsen

Mike Ross

Louis Litt

Jessica Pearson

Katrina Bennet

And I believe at one time a Client of Harvey’s

That’s it! It was kept very secret, and the only person I’m actually 100% sure of on this list is Mike Ross, in that the episode “high noon,” where Mike and Harvey get stoned together, is when Harvey tells Mike “I’m gonna get the can opener,” to which Mike mentions to Harvey “you’re serious, you’re finally going to tell me what you do with that can opener!” To which Harvey responds “okay, so what we do is,” before the elevator doors close, perpetuating the never to be revealed joke.

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What I think The Can Opener Likely Was in Suits

So, I know that Donna and Harvey came up with this pre trial ritual thing when they were in a diner and Harvey was talking about hiring back Donna. They were joking around about how they’ll need a new ritual, (since the prior ritual that they had was them getting down and dirty) and since this new ritual is we know with a can opener and thumb tacks, I think it is probably them trying to grab the thumbtacks sideways with the can opener, and grab as many thumb tacks as they can and put them to the other side of the table inside of one minute. The funny thing is that Suits never has and never will reveal what the can opener and the thumb tacks thing is, and according to the shows creator, they never will. 

Final Thoughts on The Suits Can Opener Debate, So What Was the Can Opener Trick in Suits?

What do you think the Suits can opener pre-trial ritual ordeal is, and do you think I’m fairly spot on in my analysis of it? Leave a comment down below and let us know, and be sure to subscribe to our blog and to comment for more details and information. 







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