Was Tony Stark Worthy of Mjolnir? Why I Say that He Was at The End of Avengers Endgame After His Ultimate Sacrifice

Was Tony Stark worthy of Mjolnir, and why I say that he was at the end of Avengers Endgame after he won the war and did the snap that finished it all. Tony Stark really had a fantastic life overall, and I think that we all strive to be like him in our everyday lives, and while he is not without his flaws (narcissisms doesn’t play well with others etc.) and while he has a really huge ego, it is this arrogance and confidence that sometimes allows him to take such bold risks and which has given his life such a glow over the 50-60 or so years that he has been around. And so, in this blog post, we’ll walk you through why I absolutely think Tony was worthy of Thor’s hammer at the end of Endgame, and of why he is the greatest superhero of them all. For more information, read on or subscribe for regular blog posts!

My favorite super hero’s in the Marvel Universe saga ranked in order include the below:

  1. Tony StarkWas Tony Stark Worthy of Mjolnir?
  2. Captain America
  3. Groot
  4. Rocket Racoon
  5. Gamora
  6. Thanos
  7. Spider Man
  8. Thor
  9. Falcon
  10. James Rhodes
  11. Wanda
  12. Vision
  13. Ebony Maw

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Why Tony Stark Was Worthy, My Argument

So, lets take a look at Tony’s track record for why he was definitely worthy of Thor’s hammer, in my humble opinion. First off, Tony Stark was pretty much a billionaire, carefree playboy content with building weapons and making money until he was basically turned into Iron Man by being kidnapped and dragged into a cave to die in the middle of an Asian desert. From here, something went off inside of him and he became Iron Man, and immediately from here became hell bent on enduring down a war path that led him to do essentially nothing but fight the good fight, while also living at the same time. From here, we see him suffer severe health problems in Iron Man 2 which he eventually bounces back from fully, we see him sacrifice himself by carrying a weapon through wormhole to destroy the aliens that were attacking Manhattan, and we see him undergo PTSD in Iron man 3 and have to defeat that while also destroying his greatest foe yet. 

Take all of this and add in age of ultron where an artificial intelligence that he created nearly causes mass mayhem, and Civil War where he has a fight to the near death with a close friend of his after finding out what he had done to his mother. From here, him getting stabbed by Thanos and almost dying in Avengers Infinity War, and then being left to die on a spaceship only to be rescued at the last minute, and then sacrificing himself to finally win the battle to end all battles. Correct me if I’m wrong…..but if this doesn’t make Tony Stark worthy, then why the heck was Cap?

Was Tony Stark Worthy of Mjonir, My Final Opinion

Yes. See reference to all of the above, if you think Tony was not worthy of Mjonir, then you are crazy person.

Final Thoughts on Was Tony Stark Worthy of Mjonir, Why I Say Yes Since He Lived and Died Always Through the Art of War

Say what you will about Tony Stark, but he definitely put it all on the line when he needed to. Only he could’ve lived his life the way that he did, and only he could’ve sacrificed it all for his team just like he did. Have a different opinion? Be sure to comment or subcribe for more details and information. 




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