What is Tony Starks IQ? My Take on The Amazing Brain of Tony Stark

What is Tony Starks IQ? In this blog post, I think I can give you an accurate measure compared to other intelligent marvel superhero characters based on complicated things that they have done, based on what their interests and fields of specialty are, and much more. Tony Stark is by far and away my absolute favorite TV character of all time, which is why I decided to take the time to write about him in a lengthy blog post on a website that is supposed to be primarily about finance, accounting and business. Personally I think it would be so cool to be as smart and as able as he is, in mind, in body, in discipline and persistence, and in his social IQ and people skills. Obviously this is an ideal and a pipe dream, but I think that it would definitely feel awesome nonetheless. And so, in this blog post, lets measure the intelligence of Tony Stark by giving his IQ score and by walking through some of the great things he’s done within Marvel films! For my part, I would say that Tony Stark has an IQ of 350, I got this score by looking at Tony’s main inventions, an Iron Man Suit and a Time Machine to name a few.

Other top marvel characters that we’ll review in terms of their intelligence include:

What is Tony Stark IQ Score? Is he really intelligent than Leonardo Da Vinci?Black Widow


Ant Man

Captain America

Bruce Wayne


He Who Remains


Miss Minutes


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Wanda Maximoff

Pepper Potts

And a host of other characters, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

What is Tony Starks IQ? Listing Some of the Top Inventions that Tony Has Made

Here are some of the top inventions that work, of Tony Stark:


Just a Really Very Intelligent System, Tony Stark was able to create this by himself with just computer programming. This may be Tony’s strongest invention, so powerful that it aids the United States within the comics and the movies.

Iron Man Suit

If JARVIS is the winner than this has got to be in second place. Tony’s Iron Man Suit would be the strongest thing in existence today, and aside from his clean energy project and the rest of the stuff on this list, his suits are pretty darn badass and even were able to save the world.

Nano Suit

Same as above, but he was able to make a Nano Suit that used the infinity gauntlet to change the world, he earned Thanos respect, and even beat him with this one.

Arc Reactor in Cave

Like Obadiah Stane says, he built this in a cave, out of a box of scraps. The best engineers they had couldn’t even replicate this.

Arc Reactor in Home

The upgraded Arc Reactor Mark II, that was eventually causing him to get palladium poisoning, it is a darn good invention as a way of powering the suit.

New Element Badassium

This is when the Arc Reactor for all of Tony’s suits becomes a triangle, not only did he create a new element that was far more sustainable as an energy source than Palladium, but he also saved his own life in the process.

Time Machine

He invented a time machine so that they could go back in time and stop Thanos.

Infinity Gauntlet

He invented the Infinity Gauntlet for the Hulk to use and for himself to use at the ending of Endgame, not a bad addition to this already cool list.

Iron Spider

Barely belongs on here just because of how cool all of the other inventions were, but I will say that his upgrade for Peter was definitely not bad at all.


In the Comics, Tony invented Extremis after Wanda turned him evil for a brief period, and was able to sell it to like every person on the planet for $99.99 a day cost. I did the math, and that would yield Tony Stark something like $100,000,000,000,000.00 PER YEAR if it went to the piece of the world that could afford that. Scary thing is that you would need Extremis just to compete at that point, try out-performing someone taking Extremis at your job!

Extremis Cure

He cured Pepper who had been infused with Extremis by Killian in Iron Man 3, not a bad invention there either.


He invented Ultron along with his side kick and maybe the one person in the MCU smarter than him, Bruce Banner.


Created this with Bruce Banner as well, Thor’s reaction was “well done” and a pat on the back, always a good sign.


A new AI that replaced JARVIS after he became Vision, not bad either.

Veronica/Hulk Buster Armor

He invented a suit that could specifically stop the Hulk whenever Banner got out of control, always prepared for everything indeed.

Final Thoughts on What is Tony Starks IQ? My Take on Why It is 350

Honorable mention was EDITH (Even Dead I’m the Hero), since just those glasses single handedly were able to create and destroy a bad guy, and to basically carry an entire Spiderman movie. What do you think of my top inventions of Tony Stark? His IQ is definitely above 300 with all of these, and I would probably say that it it likely around 350, but you be the judge, comment down below or subscribe to our blog for more details and information.




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