How Much Money Does Captain America Make? And Why I Say It’s Something Like $50,000 Per Year

How much money does Captain America make in the avengers and other Marvel series movies, and how does he draw his salary? In this blog post, much like my blog post on how much money Tony Stark makes, I’ll talk about the salary that Captain America, ie. Steve Rogers, draws from his role in the Avengers as Captain America. To clarify this title also, I just want to say that I am speaking about Steve Rogers, as in the fictional character within the movies, and that I am not talking about Chris Evans, as the actor who plays Cap has so much more money than the actual character does, probably around $50M, while Steve Rogers from the movie cannot even afford an apartment in Brooklyn (see Avengers age of Ultron.) And so, in this blog post, we’ll look at the income from Captain America and of how much Steve Rogers makes from both his left over military pension and hazard pay, and from his time as an Avenger. Read on for more information!

My favorite characters in the Avengers saga ranked include the following:

Tony StarkHow Much Money Does Captain America Make?

Steve Rogers

Natasha Romanoff

Wanda Maximoff



Rocket Racoon



Colonel James Rhoades

Pepper Potts as Rescue



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How Much Money Does Captain America Make, And Where Does He Get His Earnings From?

And so, after watching avengers about 3 times this month (can’t stop watching the scene in Endgame where Cap picks up the hammer, the audience reaction is epic and amazing!) I decided that it looks like Captain America makes somewhere between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, enough so that he can eat, pay for his gym membership, be really healthy, and live in probably a Queens 400 square foot apartment, and maybe even save up a little bit of cash for retirement, sans a part time job and a little bit of social security savings. I think, from watching the movie, I figured out how and where this $60,000 or so per year probably comes from:

  1. Say Captain America actually lived in the ice for 75 years or whatever it was, well first off his say $50,000 he had in savings (assuming average net worth of a 35 year old man with the ranking of Captain, partially inflation adjusted) then he would have, at a 10% annual rate of return, which using the rule of 72 lets his funds double every 7 years, would mean that 2^10 power *$100,000 would be his net worth, which would be something like $127,000,000.00>>pretty amazing what compounding can do. But say he had his money in CDs, I think his salary would come from $24,000 in military hazard pay/disability benefits.
  2. And from here, the other $35,000 or so would be from say a healthy $3,000 per month, tax free (because they technically were subsidized by the government at the end of Civil War), and voila, this would get him to his income.

How Much Captain America Makes in the Comic Books vs the Movies

In the comic books, I think it was told at one point that Captain America not only gets military hazard pay, but also that he had something like $3,000,000.00 or $4,000,000.00 in 2010 dollars because of, once again following up on this theory, all of the compound interest from him being in the ice. I believe they mentioned something like $50,000 or $60,000 per year in hazard pay as well, which at dividends of $120,000 per year would give him something like $180,000 per year, more than enough cash for him to fund essentially any sort of lifestyle that he could ever want.

Final Thoughts on The Question of How Much Money Does Captain America Make? My Opinion

And so, I think that Captain America probably realistically has a net worth of around $250,000 per year, and makes something like $60,000 per year, that’s a healthy middle class citizen in the higher brackets for his age with regards to net worth and income stability, and while he is definitely not a multi billionaire like Tony Stark is, he is doing fairly well. What do you think of the Captain America salary, leave a comment down below and tell us what you think, and remember to subscribe!







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