Thanos Sigma Male Grindset, The Battle Mentality of Thanos And Its Benefits

The Thanos Sigma Male Grindset is definitely one of the most powerful things that he has in the Marvel comics universe, and in this blog post we will be discussing the characters mentality surrounding work and conquering, and why this is what really makes him so dangerous. I think that a Sigma Male Grindset is basically just a way of calling a single guy that is an alpha but that is also somewhat introverted, and who dominates the world, and calling him a winner without saying it. Since the typical Alpha is the sort of loud mouth that wins the game by having tons of friends and by being loud like a lion, the Sigma is the contradiction to this that very often is able to grind away silently, chipping away at building their business and winning the game, and they very often are able to top Alpha’s. I have plenty of friends who are more the Alpha male type, and I would definitely call myself more of a Sigma Male because of the way that I am more individualistic and for the way that it is working for me right now, which is why I truly love writing these blog posts. And so, without further ado, lets take a look at the Thanos Sigma Male Grindset, and how we can model this in our everyday lives. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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The Thanos Sigma Male Grindset, And Why I Have Many Similarities to This in My Own Personality

The way that Thanos has this ruthless discipline and disregard for almost anything else that is not part of his mission is something that I feel that I am able to embody in my own life somewhat strongly. While I do have a decent sized friend circle, work acquaintances, a girlfriend and am generally pretty gregarious (depending on what mood I’m in) when I do go out, I also am something of a solo-type. I frequently spend time along in my room writing blog posts and scaling up this website (we have 400,000 words on here….you can’t put out that type of content without spending some alone time) and working on my CFP and my Wealth Management career, and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working 60 to 70 hours per week and I hope that I can continue to work this fast on my really cool projects for a long time, as this is pretty much the highest up the mountain I have ever been by far.

Thanos however, I would give as a Sigma Male with a grindset, in that he is kind of like Alexander the Great, he is very conquest oriented and all he really cares about is his goal of conquering the Universe and taking out half the population with the Infinity Stones. Because most people are so caught up with maintaining friendships and being cool, it is unique to see someone who is just super goal oriented and who just attacks their goals ferociously, which is why the Grindsetting Sigma Males has begun to take a rise on the internet so far, mainly in the form of very goal driven characters. Thanos has the type of personality that is very rational and goal-oriented, even when we see him start to take out enemies in the MCU, it is always for the purpose of furthering his goals. He never just attacks or takes people out for fun, instead he only does it in pursuit of his conquest and does it for necessity, never for enjoyment. His mission, when looked at from a 30,000 foot view, is actually one that he thinks is noble, and it might be. He is just making everyone’s lives filled with more resources, rather than allowing the Universe to starve out, much like his planet had, while it is monstrous, he is something of a Noble villain, much like say Negan from the Walking Dead.

How Thanos Takes Out His Enemies vs How Tony Stark Does in The Marvel Comics Universe

Thanos does so with the Infinity Stones that he gathered much through fighting via the art of war, while Tony Stark is able to do so with his immense skill, genius and technology. Tony uses the laws of nature to create his Iron Man Suits, and as such uses them to win his battles and defeat his foes, Thanos does this in much the same way, using the Natural Laws found in the Marvel Comics Universe, all of which quite literally disobey the laws of physics, even when considering the intelligence of some of these characters which is off the charts.

How Thanos Reacts to Changing Circumstances

What Thanos is very good at as a Villain is reacting to changing circumstances. Take when Thor throws Storm Breaker at his chest, even though Thanos had all 6 infinity stones literally in his gauntlet at this moment in time, had Thor gone for the head, he would have not been able to snap his fingers and he would have WON the battle, beating someone with an infinity gauntlet. Thanos however, luckily had all of the stones already in his glove, and so was able to snap his fingers, winning the battle, or at least so it looked.

My Final Thoughts on The Thanos Sigma Male Grindset, Traits You Can Take From This Powerful Villain

And that’s the gist of my Thanos Sigma Male Grindset opinion, Thanos is definitely a Sigma Male, and some of the other powerful ones on TV are Walter White, Tony Stark, Thomas Shelby, even Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad has certain facets of this. For more information on all things business, finance and TV, be sure to comment down below and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.








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