Michael Panay Billions, How He Feels Broke with $40,000,000.00

The Michael Panay episode is indeed a very interesting on, in that it touches on how someone that goes from $3 Billion Dollars, down to something like a more reasonable $40 million dollars, can feel like he is completely broke. In my Michael Panay billions character review, we’ll go into depth on what we know about the character so far, and will discuss how the one main episode that he is a character in has become one of the most popular billions clips on Youtube, with literally millions of views on the conversations between this character and Bobby Axelrod on the site so far. For more information on Michael Panay and on all things Billions, be sure to subscribe and to comment down below for more details and information.

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Michael Panay Billions, The Bankrupt Deca-Millionaire

Michael Panay is a cool side character in the show billions because it is the first time we really see the specifics of Bobby Axelrod getting some cash off the books in the case that the SEC takes his money during his civil trial. He uses Crypto and some other methods of doing this within the show, with one of the coolest lines being when he gives Mafee $1,000,000.00 straight Crypto in cold storage, basically meaning its on a flash drive with keys on it for how to access it. There is one scene that almost gives you chills while watching this on billions, and its the one in which Axe tells Panay that he “has a line on an orphan $2B and that he can get him in the room to pitch for it by winning the board of one of his companies over.” Once this has happened, he tells Panay however that he will now pull the money from him unless he gives him 1% AUM and 10% of capital gains for his family office hedge fund, and that he is going to give it to him basically under the table. He then splits this with his other partner, saying “paid in crypto” of course. He basically drops his 2 and 20 model to 1 and 10 and has him give Axe all the revenue. So in doing some math on this, lets say that he has $5,000,000,000.00 in Assets under management at an average 10% in annual gains:

$25,000,000.00 per year in AUM fees straight into Axelrod’s pocket

$25,000,000 per year in Capital Gains Fees Straight into Axelrod’s pocket.

Cut this in half for the other guy that Axelrod has split this with, and we now have about $25,000,000.00 per year into Axelrod’s pocket from this deal.

How Bobby Axelrod Took Down Panay for $2,000,000,000.00 During His Court Case

Axe, in the show Billions, essentially gave him a decent chunk of cash to do shady favors for him, at least within the show. The move appears to have worked, as it is fiction, however it is cool to feel like something of a hedge fund kingpin and to watch the show.

Final Thoughts on My Michael Panay Billions Review, Why I Think He is an Awesome Character

Michael Panay from Billions was a very interesting side character, and it was cool to watch the way that Bobby Axelrod was basically able to fully take control of him in the series, getting him to do his dirty work for him, just like he has with so many people before him. Overall I give Billions very high ratings, and cannot wait to see what the final season of the show has to offer. Be sure to subscribe to our blog or to comment down below for additional details and information.




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