Lawrence Boyd Billions, Bobby Axelrod’s FBI Mule In Action

Billions is an intriguing American TV drama series with a horde of fans who all tune in to witness the antagonism between hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod and US Attorney for South New York, Chuck Rhoades. One of the fascinating characters in the series is Lawrence Boyd Billions, played by Eric Bogosian in seasons 2 and 3. He is the CEO of Spartan – an investment bank – who gets Bobby arrested in the fourth season for sabotaging the launch and initial public offering of Ice Juice. Let’s take a closer look at Boyd and what happens to him in the series, for more information, be sure to comment down below and subscribe for additional details and information.

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Indian Four Episode

Season 2 continues the feud between Chuck and Bobby, with the latter throwing lawsuits at the former and trying to bring Wendy back to his firm. In retaliation, Chuck goes after Lawrence Boyd in an attempt to send a message to everyone in the world of New York finance that he is not to be messed with.

The following episode dubbed ‘Indian Four’ sees Lawrence Boyd out on a bail of $5 million and shaken to his core. Boyd believes he is out of options, especially when he is informed of an employee that has been flipped and an audio recording with damning evidence.

Hall is shady but is currently Boyd’s only option, which is why Boyd agrees to accept his help when he approaches him in his sauna. Hall asks Boyd to prepare several $2.5 million payments to be used to flip the employee back to his side.

The Odds Against Boyd

With Chuck on his tail, there seems to be no hope for Lawrence Boyd. Chuck advises Bryan to direct his fury towards the Boyd case and avoid distractions and, in response, Bryan delivers a stirring performance during the jury selection process. He avoids breaking any laws while simultaneously painting Boyd out as a Wall Street Fat Cat and, sure enough, gets the jury riled up.

Bryan’s performance in court convinces Boyd that he has no chance of winning the trial so he and his lawyers draw up an offer. However, Chuck is not interested. He is committed to sending a message to the hedge fund industry by making an example of Lawrence Boyd Billions.

A Synopsis of The Lawrence Boyd Billions Feud

From start to finish, essentially the story goes that Bobby Axelrod first baited Lawrence Boyd, using him to give credibility to a stock takeover and to save his quarter. Aside from this, he uses him as, quote ‘”Cannon Fodder” to test the waters and see how it goes between the FBI when they take down another billionaire. It opens the doors to show them what they can and can’t do, how much liquid cash or gold on hand they will need, and everything in between. In a really awesome and Machiavellian display of power, Lawrence Boyd eventually turns the tables on Axe, making a deal with Chuck Rhoades by giving him “inside information” about an IPO that Chuck’s father has taken a significant stake in, and so that, in exchange for him getting out of his house arrest, he traps Bobby Axelrod.

The Personality Traits of Lawrence Boyd from Billions

In looking at the Big 5 Personality Model of Lawrence Boyd, he has a very interesting personality makeup. He is very outgoing, with a moderate agreeableness to him, and with an extremely high intelligence rating. His traits are below:

Conscientiousness – He is at the 95th percentile for conscientiousness. He is definitely extremely hard working, making it to the top of Spartan Ives which was no doubt extremely difficult, however he is not as hard working or devious as Bobby, as evidenced by Axe being able to take him down in business.

IQ/Openness – He is at the 99th percentile for Intelligence, having made it to the top of a major firm, and at the 60th percentile for Openness. He is very good at handling changing circumstances and has a pinch of creativity due to his involvement in starting his own firm.

Agreeableness – I would say that his overall agreeableness is somewhat low, being much more on the disagreeable side in that he is very apt to negotiate and to push forward towards his goals.

Extroversion – He is moderately extroverted, seeming like he is not 100% outgoing but having very good social skills. Give him 75th percentile for extroversion, he has very good social skills but not exactly the charisma that Bobby Axelrod has.

Neuroticism – He is very low in neuroticism, which has allowed him to climb to the top in business in a pretty major way. 20th percentile for neuroticism, which is a big way of how he has made it as far as he has in his career.

Final Thoughts On My Lawrence Boyd Billions Review, My Take On The Show

Lawrence Boyd made for some really cool plot armor in Seasons 1 and 2 of Billions, and made a brilliant enemy for Bobby Axelrod to go against. Not necessarily his arch nemesis like Chuck Rhoades is, but a back and forth frenemy relationship where they each use each other in order to achieve their goals. For more information on all things billions, read on or subscribe to our blog!







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