Why Is My Website Traffic Lower on Christmas? A Merry Christmas Blog Post

So Why is my website traffic lower on Christmas? As I am sure many of the bloggers and affiliate marketers that are reading this blog post have noticed, traffic takes a significant dive on Christmas, on Christmas eve, and on other major holidays, like Thanksgiving or Easter. And while I don’t see this happening as much on federal holidays, it definitely happens on the major ones like Christmas and Thanksgiving. And so, in this blog post, I’ll tell Why Is My Website Traffic Lower on Christmas?you about the massive traffic reduction that I typically get on Holidays, and how much of a traffic dip you can expect on major holidays for your website. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Why Is My Website Traffic Lower On Christmas, Supply And Demand

Internet traffic worldwide is somewhat lower on Christmas and other major holidays. If you think about it, people are with their family, theoretically they are not on their computer either working or reading internet articles, they are not reading finance or business as much, the stock market is closed, and only a handful of niche markets actually get more traffic during Christmas, namely things like Amazon, E-Commerce and shopping websites, as well as…you guessed it, Christmas and Holiday websites. Things like Catholic mass websites tend to get an uptick as well, while the rest of the world…or at least the United States, powers down and enjoys a day off to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

What Blog Niches Get More Traffic On Holidays

Holiday Blogs

Christmas Blogs

E-Commerce Traffic

Shopping Websites

Discount holiday websites



Essentially E-Commerce, shopping and holiday websites are the only ones that get a boost during the holidays!

Why Is My Website Traffic Lower on Christmas? Less Interest In The Web

As far as website traffic goes, most of the time its people at work reading blog articles while they are bored at work. On Christmas day, most people are with the family, eating, watching football on TV, opening presents, and the like. People are much less apt to read financial or political news as the market is closed and the world just sort of comes to the halt for the day. Expect a 25 to 30% traffic dip on major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Till next time, read on for more information on all things business.




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