Why Is Website Traffic Highest At Night? Our Brains Are Wired to Absorb Content Prior to Bed

Why is website traffic highest at night? I observed this phenomenon on accident today as I started writing at about 6PM today, it is now midnight and I am still writing….I’m starting to think that getting to 10,000 blog posts isn’t necessarily feasible without sacrificing a decade of my life and that I might need a new strategy here, but not to get side tracked. When I started writing at 6PM today, my site was at about 200 visitors and 220 pageviews for the day, I actually started thinking that we were either having a slow day or that my server went down for part of the day. But alas, the night was good to the site once again, and our “happy hour” which is nighttime between the hours of 6pm and 12am for the site had taken us off. We are now at our normal traffic amount, well not quite but just about, we are at 310 pageviews for the day with about 285 visitors. Needless to say we got almost a third of our traffic for the day in the six hours between 6pm and 12am. But why does this occur, and are night owls the ones most likely to read internet blogs? Let’s take a look in this article, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Why Is Website Traffic Highest At Night? People Are Winding Down And Reading Content

What do you do right before you go to bed? Watch YouTube videos, let your thoughts wander, let the melatonin kick in, and read whatever your heart desires. This is, both fortunately and unfortunately, going to be when bloggers get their major traffic, people are just kind of winding down and getting ready for bed, and rather than being in go go go mode to have to go to work, they are much more laid back and are more opt to browse your content. Think about it, if you are reading this article, I’d be willing to bet there is about a 70% change that you are reading it…on your phone…and at night. First off, people typically search articles about the night…at night, and aside from that, more than 1/3 of my traffic comes at night.

Why Is Website Traffic at Night Way Higher? Night Owls Tend to Read A Lot of Content When They Are Awake

Well if you are a night owl, and it is like 1 or 2am, or even 10pm, and you are just sitting at home, what are you doing? Well for the most part, not too many night owls are working on anything productive…I think I’m something of the exception to this rule because I get my best writing done, for certain at night, I’m just a completely different animal after say 6pm in terms of my productivity if I can get into a productive rhythm. There is not much to do for a night owl after 1pm if they are not working on anything productive, than to read internet articles and watch Youtube videos, so this will make up a large portion of the spike in your traffic if you are a blogger. It is also why it is good to blast out night emails and social media posts, people are tired and are more likely to impulse buy!

People Aren’t At Work So They Have Time to Goof Off And Read Websites

If you are at work, you have to be somewhat sneaky with how you goof off and read internet articles (not to mention what you get caught watching or reading while at the office..) it can really have drastic effects from your career if you get distracted too often at your job. At night however, it is a free for all, you are in your pajamas just kind of winding down, and you can read whatever you want. You also can tend to fall into the addictive cycle of just reading internet articles one after the other, over and over again. While this is leading someone far down the rabbit hole, it could mean extra traffic and ad revenue for your money site!

The Internet Is a Fad for the Night, At Least When Using It For Joy

Staying up late and reading blog posts is basically a cliché in current American culture, and whether it is you reading news articles, or the newspaper, or watching the news late into the night, it is very common to do this. Don’t feel bad if you are a night owl either, I am a hardcore night owl, but you can definitely discipline yourself so that you are not taking it too far and staying up until like 4am every day or something like that. You can also use it to your advantage, consider blogging, writing or programming as technical skills that you can hone well into the night to help you beat your early bird competition while they are sleeping!

Final Thoughts On Why Is Website Traffic Highest At Night? My Opinion

See the above, there are plenty of reasons why website traffic is highest at night, try to strategize and time your content so it publishes during your own websites happy hour, and you can time your social media and email postings around the same time for maximum benefits. Hope you enjoyed this article, for more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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