What To Do If My Blog Traffic Hits a Plateau? Things To Spike Your Website Traffic To The Stars!

What to do if my blog traffic hits a plateau? If you are searching this term, fear not as you are not alone. Hitting a plateau in your website traffic is the kiss of death in many ways for a website entrepreneur. I personally am experiencing a flatline in my traffic on inflationhedging.com right now, and it is definitely a morale killer to say the least. As someone who has been trying to be a full time and successful website entrepreneur for the past 10 years now, I can say that it is definitely frustrating. Right now this website gets around 10,000 to 13,000 sessions, pageviews and visitors per month. In the year 2021, we were getting the same amount of traffic as in 2022, though this year I have written something like 150 brand new articles, all in the 1000 to 1500 word range, we have acquired new backlinks and new social signals, have targeted new keywords and have a better Silo internal linking structure, and really we have put a ton of hard work into trying to grow our website traffic by a significant amount.

My original plan was to monetize the website and reinvest the revenue into freelance writers so that we could snowball the website upward. This however did not work as the hit that we took on our Core Web Vitals caused such problems that our traffic lost like 33% of its value in just a short 6 months time. And so now we find ourselves back on what feels like an endless plateau, until we can get to say 50,000 pageviews per month, where it is then profitable for us to actually monetize the website, and where we can reinvest our profits. And so, in this blog post I will tell you my strategy to break through my website flatline, as well as 9 things that you can to do shake up your website and improve your own online traffic.

What To Do If My Blog Traffic Hits a Plateau?Here are my primary ways to increase your traffic and breakthrough your traffic plateau:

Write Skyscraper Content that is of extreme value

Optimize your old content

Invest in new SEO software

Latch on to low volume and low competition keywords

Generate Revenue to create a massive traffic snowball

Improve domain authority

Build links (the right ones)

Perform an Onsite Audit + Upgrade your internal linking strategy

Upgrade your Social Signals

Let’s dig into it! First let me tell you exactly what my direct plan is in order to improve my traffic from where we are at right now.

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What My Plan Is To Significantly Improve The Traffic Of Inflationhedging.com

Now the 9 improvement tips listed above aren’t necessarily going to work perfectly on this website since we already have a lot of them in place. But I definitely have a model in place in my head of what we need to do in order to scale up this website. Two problems that I am running into however are a lack of time, and a lack of money. I am currently working towards my CPA license which is literally taking up all of my spare time, along with a full time job, as well as writing content for this website, and so on. I figure that I would need something like $1,000 a month to throw at my website, as well as an average of 7-8 hours per day to work on this website for like 4 years to take it where I would like to go, which is a $10,000 to $50,000 per month blog that can sell for as much as $1,000,000. Along with another website making like $5,000 per month so I can keep plugging away once the first website is sold, the above is much easier said than done. Our current steps to increase traffic to this blog include the following:

Double our current amount of content – At 540 articles, and in the Finance niche, it just is not getting the job done. We likely need around 1000 articles to be able to qualify for a good ad network, maybe even 2,000.

Increase the internal links, readability and spacing on all blog posts

Re-Write all blog posts to be better quality and better optimized with Surfer-SEO

Add 500 to 1000 words of content to all blog posts

Add better external link sources to all blog posts

Add images that are not taken from Google Images and that instead are unique images with text below them so that the blog can get approved for a good ad network.

Externally or Internally start building links to the site with $500 a month worth of revenue

Continue writing 2-3 blog posts a day and invest the remaining revenue into additional content. We will need 100 new articles a month alongside link-building at this point.

Re-Link our Website Silo Architecture

Our LCP score is super slow for our website, we will need to pay likely $500 to $1,000 to outsource this problem to a good quality developer so that our Core Web Vitals are in check with what Google wants, a MAJOR factor in search engine rankings and revenue in the current SERP environment, this I can attest to.

Get the content up to 5000 to 10000 articles, and 200 to 500 backlinks

Get revenue up to as much as $10,000 to $15,000 per month then sell the website for $500,000.

This is probably going to take me like 10 years, and I am not sure at which point I will just give up on this, but since I am already ten years in it might be worth it for me to just keep going at this point.

Why Adding Skyscraper Content Can Get You Out of a Traffic Rut

I am currently doing this right now for our website. What I mean by adding skyscraper content is 2000 to 4000 word blog posts. These tend to rank very well and increase the amount of time on the website by the reader. Adding something like 100 of these if they are properly optimized and targeted can work wonders for getting your traffic back up. Not only do they outrank much of the competition, but because the content value add is much better, they tend to stick around longer.

Why You Should Invest In New SEO Software

Investing in tools like:

SEMRush for Keyword and Backlink Ideas

Ahrefs for Competitor Research

SurferSEO for Content Optimization

And a host of others, they can make all the difference in terms of hitting new strides!

Add to this WP Rocket and Rocket CDN, you have GOT to get your site  speed as fast as humanly possible. Without a fast website you are literally just playing the game with weights on your ankles.

How to Target Low Volume & Low Competition Keywords

We used to have the Google Adwords Keyword tool for this, but since the keyword planner is no more and in fact we are instead using upgraded tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and for free tools, searchvolume.io and keywordtool.io. The last 2 are 100% free, as I know the first 2 can definitely get somewhat pricey, and these alone can help you search for low volume, which generally means low competition keywords that are very easy to rank for. Some examples of low volume and low competition keywords that I have been able to find in the Finance niche so far include the following:

Does Hurricane Affect the stock market?

Is Apple going to go down in 2023

How long is your Series 7 license good for after leaving Wealth Management

Long tail keyword type blog posts like this one are ones that you will want to look at in order to maximize your ability to rank for good keywords!

How to Generate Revenue on Your Website With Ads, Affiliate Links, or E-Commerce to Reinvest Profits Into Content!

I personally have the best success with advertisements on this website. I don’t think I have made a dime off affiliate links even though I have tried vigorously, not sure what that says about my content writing skills on this website but money is money. Some of the best network channels that I have found to make money via websites so far are;



Amazon Affiliates

Private Affiliate Networks


E-Commerce through private Wholesalers

Shopify Dropshipping

The most money I ever made in my entire life in a single month was when I had an E-Commerce store like 6 or so years ago. I think I had a single month where I cleared $13,000 in total, which was Amazing at the time. Writing this now I am considering adding E-Commerce to this website, but until then ads will be our primary mode of financing.

How to Bump Up Your Domain Authority

Linking backlinks from good domains with high trust flow, as well as a good website architecture is absolutely imperative to increasing your DA, your PA on each page, and the overall ranking power of your website. Backlink builders like Authority Builders, Linksthatrank.com, are among the best that I have found so far. This is the Matthew Woodward PBN link builder and the Matt Diggity guest post builder. I tend to side with Matt Diggity and his link building websites on this one, because there is no annual fee to host them and it is much more White Hat than the Matthew Woodward link building strategy. Both will get you where you need to go in time however.

How to Get a Proper SEO Onsite Audit Performed On Your Blog

I typically use Matthew Woodward and his site audit for this one. The things they look out for include:

Page Speed

Core Web Vitals

Page Load Time

Website Architecture

Bad 301 Redirects

Bad 404 Links on Your Website

Duplicate Content

Toxic Backlinks in your profile

Duplicate outbound links on each post (I’m pretty guilty of this one)

And areas that can generally be improved on. The 3 layers of SEO are always:

  1. Technical
  2. Content
  3. Links

If you need to grow, you need to look at these 3 things. If you need to recover from a penalty etc. you need to look at these 3 things.

Don’t Forget To Focus on Social Signals

This one isn’t quite as important as the one’s above, but it can be a pretty good sweetener that can serve as an extra source of traffic as well as a way to get extra signals and link juice flowing to your blog. If you get 1,000,000 Facebook shares on a blog post, I can’t guarantee anything but I would bet you my lunch money that you’ll be on page 1 of Google and that you’ll see a significant boost in your rankings overall. Don’t neglect social signals and you will reap dividends in the long run.

Final Thoughts On What To Do If My Blog Traffic Hits a Plateau?

And there you have it! What strategies have you used to break the dreaded traffic Plateau and to get your site back in working order. Be sure to subscribe to our blog or comment down below and let us know, and thanks for reading!




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