Should You Make Your Blog More General? Why Niching Up Got This Blog to 20,000 Pageviews Per Month

I actually got the idea for niching up from two orators, Income School and Jordan Peterson, so thank you both for giving me the idea for something that has pretty strongly scaled the growth of my website business. Should you make your blog more general, and what are the pro’s and con’s of doing this? Making your blog more general, also known as “Niching up” among webmasters in the internet space, is basically taking a blog that is super niche-focused, like say a blog solely about snakes, and making about all types of pets. Or in my case, a blog that was solely about finance, which is pretty niche focused and super difficult to compete in, and making it basically now a general business blog. What was originally just finance content is now finance content, SEO content, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Insurance, Computer Science, and just about every other type of business interest that I have any knowledge about at all, if I know something about it, it’s on the website. And so, in this blog post, lets talk about niching up, for more details and information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Since we have niched up on this website about 12 months ago, here’s some additional topics we added to just general finance on the website:

Should You Make Your Blog More General? How to Niche Up in BloggingFinance TV Shows

TV Character Reviews

Financial Psychology




General Business

Finances of Computer Science

Finances of Web Development



Website Traffic Stats

Productivity Posts

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Famous Billionaires Post

We basically took the blog from being what was supposed to be only the stock market and financial research, which was super specific and borderline impossible to rank for, and niched up, now we right about anything business oriented, and we are even getting some decent traffic from character posts and SEO posts. Heck half my site traffic is this one post on Harvey Specter that gets 100 visitors per day, Niching up for the win! Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on how to pull this off by doing it gradually and successfully.

Should You Make Your Blog More General? Yes If The Traffic Calls For It

I have almost never seen this fail when done correctly. I’m not saying take your Finance blog called and make it start churning out blog posts about snakes and dogs. What I am saying however, is that if you have a super focused content site, say its focused on solely academic finance, or the stock market and financial research, maybe branch out to some other business topics.

Adding content on tax, or the finances behind different fields or businesses (for instance, what do accountants make in salary, what do nurses make in salary? is the mba worth it? blog posts on financial certifications….we have made each of those a blog post with pretty good success) would not seem crazy at all, and is not going to raise any eyebrows. Just stay somewhat in the topic, don’t write a blog about animals and start adding content about Accounting, it won’t make much sense. What I also have tried to do, now that we are getting much more generalized, is to put “finance” or relate each article to finance and money in some way or another, which is pretty easy to do when all of the topics are about business.

How Inflation Hedging Was Able to Successfully Niche Up in Value

On this website, I actually had a trial run under a different domain back in the day, called If you’ll notice, that website is no longer existent. I tried all sorts of topics on it, and in the end decided to keep it to just financial-research focused. Seriously good luck getting to 100,000 pageviews a month or 10,000 pageviews a month even writing posts about nothing but Eugene Fama, it’s boring to write about, boring to read, and belongs in the trash can. With a niche up to general business, I could add content on computer software, SEO, Finance, Wealth Management, Accounting, Real Estate, Certifications, Psychology, memoir, stories of my life, and a host of other topics, this is what got the blog posts rolling in, the traffic coming in….and…you guessed it, the money rolling in!

Why Niching Up Can Get You a Lot of Traffic

Niching up is a great strategy if you do it right and if you can pull it off. Aside from the obvious arithmetic problem of being able to get you a higher volume of keywords to write about, it can solve a great psychology problem of blogging too, on both sides of the equation (meaning for the person writing the blog post, and the one reading it.) When you are writing blog posts, it can get tedious, and it can get boring. It only gets fun once you are already in motion and you have started the process and you see some victories come up. With this being said, one way to keep yourself motivated is to keep it interesting, or at least this is how my brain works. By adding new topics, it can drastically alter your motivation to write and can really get your site growing quickly!

Why Becoming More General Can Make You a Lot of Money

Niching up can help you rank for higher volume keywords as well. I am pretty much fully against “micro niche blogging” at this point. I have seen someone that solely did just that and it never went anywhere, I have tried it and it never went anywhere. You need enough keyword volume and traffic in order to be able to grow your blog, have content variety, have content interest on both sides of the coin, and to get enough volume to generate traffic and make money. Generalizing, or niching up as it is called within the SEO industry, is a powerful tool for this and can make or break a blog!

Final Thoughts on Should You Make Your Blog More General? Almost Always Yes

So yes, to keep this post short, you should make your blog more general when your initial topic that was too specific calls for it, which is much more often than not. Hope you enjoyed the 6 blog post marathon of tonight, I’ve been writing for six hours and my brain is screaming for some sleep, till next time Inflation Hedging fans, thanks for reading!







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