How Many Affiliate Marketing Websites Should I Have? My New Affiliate Marketing Scheme

How many affiliate marketing websites should I have? The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors, mainly depending on your experience level, and in this blog post, I will tell you why I’ve just now added a second blog to my repertoire of websites, giving me two affiliate websites currently standing, and with at least a dozen that have made money and that I have either sold or shut off because the hosting fees were too high, in the past. If I have learned anything from the number of affiliate marketing websites that I have made money off of and quite literally burned through either because we were made a cash offer, or it was too much work to upkeep and so we shut them down, is that Affiliate Marketing is a long term game, and so had I just automated all of those websites, I would probably have something like 3,000 visitors per day coming to me right now. Even with a lazy affiliate marketing plan on that much traffic and with no email list, I could get say a 3.5% click through rate, and a 4% conversion rate.

Consider each conversion is probably netting $5-$7 in average affiliate commissions, and you’ve got yourself something like 5 sales per day, or about $1,000 per month, passive income, diversified across multiple sites, for the rest of your life. Instead, as I’m writing this, I realized that I’ve sort of closed down 8 years of writing and work due to my inexperience, this time I will build multiple websites and will leave them going forever. And so, in this blog post, I’ll give you my experience of what I’ve learned from affiliate marketing thus far, and of how you can build and affiliate marketing empire. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and for weekly blog post updates!

In this blog post, I’ll cover some important facets of setting up affiliate websites, such as:

Split testing for conversion rate optimization

How to write quickly

How Many Affiliate Marketing Websites Should I Have?Quality vs Quantity for Generating articles

how to make money online

best affiliate programs

How much money I’ve made online in total

Your best chance at affiliate marketing

Why consistency is key

SEO Tricks

Writing Tricks

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How Many Affiliate Marketing Websites Should I Have?

So, I’ve been asking myself this question a lot these days, in that I am usually more aligned with the go all in on one affiliate site and make it a large authority site type argument. However, these days I almost am thinking that you should start with two or three, focusing 80% of your efforts on your main site and the other 20% on another site, here’s why I am now inclined towards that argument.

  1. It is good diversification in case your main site does not convert well – I absolutely love and I always will, however the conversion rate on this site is much lower than I’d like to see (we are getting less than a 1% click through rate on affiliate links right now, and close to 0 subscribers. Part of it is that our traffic is scattered, its TV show reviews, finance, accounting, tax etc. so its hard to pinpoint affiliate offers.) In the end, since it is very difficult to get subscribers on this website, what may end up happening is that we put Amazon affiliate links all over the place so it is more targeted.
  2. It can keep the writing fresh – Writing about Finance is getting a tad boring at times, and while I can’t believe I’m saying that since it has been a true passion of mine for some time now, coming up with fresh content in this niche that has low competition is getting more and more difficult. That being said, I am adding a second blog website that is solely Walking Dead TV show reviews – Yeah I know, how did I come up with that right? Well, aside from being a huge fan of the show, it’s fresh writing material, and I think it might convert better with affiliate links since it is significantly more targeted, I guess time will tell.

What is SEO?

So, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a skill that I have become decently good at over the past 8 years or so, and it is really how I cultivate blogs that get pretty consistent organic traffic. As far as the lean start-up model, which involves building affiliate websites from scratch, I really can’t think of a better way to get the ball rolling. For instance, just from on-page SEO optimization, writing decent content, writing a lot of content, and implementing an internal linking website silo architecture, I was able to build this website, which now gets 200+ unique visitors per day on average, completely from scratch, and for only about $50 in hosting fees, in just over 12 months, not too shabby.

My math and the analytics that I have on this website are showing that with affiliate links posted I could probably get something in the range of like $50-$100 per month in completely passive income off of the website right now (like I said the conversion rate is pretty low) but that’s for lifetime income. Use that money to start outsourcing content, and you can really scale up the affiliate site, and build other affiliate sites to grow even more. It will take time and effort, but for now at least it looks like I have both on my hands.

How I Build My Affiliate Websites Up From Scratch, How Many Affiliate Websites Should I Have?

I’ll give you the 30,000 foot view answer of how I build these affiliate websites up from scratch. So first, we setup a domain, on a cheap host (we’ve been using Hostinger for this blog and I have 0 complaints, they are the best host I’ve ever used) but in the past we have used Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy,, self-hosting, hosting with Web 2.0’s, and a bunch of other host methods, but this one is the cleanest so far. What we do once we have that up is design a template with categories, if you go to the homepage of you’ll see what I am talking about here, articles on the main body of the homepage, a sidebar with recent/most popular articles, and categories going down the right hand side, this is so we can link together and silo different categories giving the site a fantastic internal linking architecture. Soon on this website we are going to need to get this to two lines of categories as we are running out of room on the homepage for all of these topics, not a bad problem to have I guess!

From here, it is writing, writing and more writing. I have become very good at picking out long tail keywords that can rank fairly easily, and also fairly good at putting out a lot of content relatively quickly. In fact since this blog started I have averaged almost one blog post that is 1,000 to 2,000 words long, every single day since its inception. Personally, when I write, I don’t write once consistent blog post every single day, although I probably should. Instead I write in binges, I’ll have a tough work week where I won’t write for 5 days, and then I’ll write 6 posts on Saturday and Sunday, which more than make up the cost for this.

From here, the SEO Yoast plugin is your friend, get good with this plugin and learn how to index your posts in the Search Engines, and couple this with a little bit of patience and persistence, and you will have an affiliate site in no time, keep this up for 5 to 10 years, generate revenue from it and reinvest it all back into the company, and you will have yourself an authority website that can either give you lifetime income, or that you can sell for a boatload of money, in no time at all.

My Current Plan for Making Affiliate Income, And Final Thoughts on Internet Marketing

So, that’s the gist of my strategy for generating affiliate income. I have a lot more tricks in the area that I will be writing about on this blog, such as how to jack up your on-page optimization with Surfer SEO, how to build a website Silo Architecture, how to jack up your site speed, improving mobile performance, and much more related topics. And of course, I’ll be scaling up the amount of Finance and Tax blog posts on this website as well, it is becoming more generically business-oriented in topics rather than just finance-specialized, which has been good and bad, but the content keeps getting written so I guess that’s the main thing. If you like what you’re reading be sure to subscribe and to comment down below with any questions you may have, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Till next time, thanks for reading!







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