24 10, 2020

Ira Schirmer Billions, Chuck’s Best Friend Betrayed

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Ira Schirmer Billions, How Chuck's Best Friendship Ended My Ira Schirmer Billions review We’ll talk about how Ira behaves as a character, and will walk through why I think the character actually has a lot of treats similar to myself, and that he has a combination of legal interest and financial interest, and at one point even almost take the company public. Well I’m not saying I’ll ever get close to that level in the game of finance, I kind of [...]

24 10, 2020

Rebecca Cantu Billions, Bobby Axelrod’s Billionaire Love

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Rebecca Cantu Billions, Bobby Axelrod's Billionaire Love interest in Season 4 of Billions! Rebecca Cantu billions, in this blog post will look at Rebecca Cantu from billions, and will walk through exactly why I think she’s a really cool character on the show. The first scene where we see Rebecca Cantu, is in a possible investment between her and Bobby Axelrod regarding a robotics company, and in the episode she actually stops Bobby Axelrod from investing in the company, throwing some [...]