Mike Prince Billions, The New Face of Billions Season 6

Mike Prince is an actor who played against Jock Jeffcoat on the show Billions. He was originally supposed to be a recurring part, but due to his chemistry with Paul Giamatti, he earned a full-time role as Mike’s right-hand man Robbie Rhodes. Billions is an American drama television series that debuted on Showtime in 2016. The series stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis as two powerful adversaries in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Mike Prince is the right-hand man to Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a billionaire asset manager from New York who is not afraid to cross any lines for success. The show has been nominated for several awards from the Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy Awards, TCA Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Award, Satellite Awards, and many more.

Mike Prince was introduced to the Series as the main villain of Season 5 to face off against Axe, and Axe was actually winning right up until Prince dealt him the final blow when Chuck Rhoades caught him at the end of Season 6 of Billions. Axe got his own version of a win however, where he was basically able to start a whole new life in Switzerland. What exactly happened to his family and their money it was never said.

How Much Money Does Mike Prince Have from Billions?

Mike Prince BillionsMike Prince has somewhere in the range of $10,000,000,000.00 to $15,000,000,000.00 to his total net worth. And now that he owns Axe Capital, his income is likely around another $1,000,000,000.00 per year, not including dividends and capital gains on his current income. Giving him total income of something like $1.5 Billion dollars per year, not including whatever assets he had before that we businesses that generated income, and we have a very interesting income here. I actually like the way that Prince runs his fund almost more than Axe did, Axe had a very aggressive, genius-level day trading type of style that always made his hedge fund miraculous gains like 40%+ each year on his assets, with him almost never having a down quarter, and him crossing lines to get whatever he had to, even when it nearly meant his demise. I loved the way that Axe worked, however Prince has his own style, which is him working over the long term and trying to bring in as many clients as possible. He is much more business model focused than technical-equity focused like Axe was, which may or may not work out for him over the long run.

Why Is Mike Prince Such a Cool Character On The Show?

Mike Prince is a great character because he brings emotion and heart to the show. His relationship with Axe is not just based on business but also hatred. He and Axe are bitter rivals, as they are pretty well evenly matched, to the point where it is essentially two Greek Gods going after one another. In the end, Prince won mainly because Damian Lewis had to resign from the show due to family and immigration issues with his Visa, and so he unfortunately will not be back. However, he did such an amazing job as Bobby Axelrod that fans will always remember his character for some time to come.

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Mike Prince Billions, What Is The Big 5 Personality Structure Of The New Lead Character

The Big 5 Personality Model of Mike Prince is somewhat less aggressive than that of Bobby Axelrod’s was, and that is the following traits below:

IQ/Openness: IQ is about the same, although I put him more on the verbal side of the intelligence line with Axe being much more on the mathematical side. Both have an IQ of likely 150.

Conscientiousness: 99th percentile for Conscientiousness much like Axe. I’d put Axe at 99.9%, Axe has much more grit which almost hurts him more than it helps him in a lot of ways.

Extroversion -They are both at the 99th percentile for extroversion, just in different areas. Again Axe has kind of a scrappy, blue collar roots type vibe and he is a fighter. Mike Prince again has a kingly aura and a holier than now type vibe.

Agreeableness – He is slightly less agreeable than Axe, and has a little bit more of a holier than now attitude than Axe did. For the most part, Axe was very down to earth and cursed, listened to Metal Music, and wasn’t afraid to be aggressive and be himself, a much different model than the one that Mike Prince portrays.

Neuroticism – he is in the 20th percentile here, putting him as slightly more neurotic than Axe is, which definitely works in certain circumstances here.

Final Thoughts On My Mike Prince Billions Review, My Thoughts And Opinions On This Character

Mike Prince is one of the most well-known characters from the show Billions. His character provides a lot of depth and emotion to the storyline. He has done a great job in taking over the show after Bobby Axelrod’s departure, and I am thoroughly enjoying Season 6 so far. For more details and information on all things finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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