The Lover Archetype, The Archetype of Balance, And Why This is an Archetype That is My Worst

The lover archetype is a fun one to talk about, in that it is the balancing act and the surge of energy that powers up the King, Warrior and Magician, and that softens the warrior and magicians tough souls, into a balanced king. In this blog post, I’ll talk about what activities you can do in order to express your lover archetype, whether it’s romance, listening to music, hanging out with friends, sipping fine wine in the garden, etc. etc. and of how you can treat yourself like a King when you need it the most, when your magician and warrior are stressed to the max. For more information on all things life, psychology, finance and accounting, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other archetypes we’ll be discussing on this blog include the following:

The Lover ArchetypeMagician




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And a host of others, keep reading to learn more about the lover archetype and how you can harness this in your own life!

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The Lover Archetype, Why Romance and a Long Term Relationship Are The Main Ways to Harness This

The lover archetype is typically harnessed in full when it does not develop a harsh shadow (which can take the place of casual sex, drinking or substances, anger and jealousy, depression and smoking cigarettes, etc.) This typically occurs when a man is in a stable relationship with a woman, and when they are intertwined in an honest, healthy relationship between the two of them. This is the most full way that I can think of to harness your lover, and therefore your king archetype, in that without it a man is somewhat lost in the world, and his life starts to lack meaning as he gets into the later stages of his life. Picture a man with $100,000,000.00, he has it all, he sleeps with strange women, drinks and parties to his hearts desire, and he excels at business and at war. With no wife however, with no long term relationship to share it with, he is lost in the world (actually he’s still doing way better than anyone reading this will ever do in life….but you catch my drift here.) It is the long term relationship that really makes a man glow and gives him the will to fight day in and day out, especially as we move further along in life (ie. into our 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s).

If you don’t currently have a long term relationship at your disposal though, fear not, in that there are other ways that you can exercise your lover and become a balanced King or Queen. Listen to music, hang out with friends, take a day off, sleep in on the weekend, and do whatever you like to do that is fun in order to recharge yourself so that you are ready for battle at all times.

Final Thoughts on the Lover Archetype, Why It is Sometimes Important to Find Balance, Even in War

And so, those are my ways for how you can develop the lover archetype in your own life, it is something that can keep you balanced and mentally healthy over the long term, especially when it is allowed to flourish in a positive manner via a long term relationship, and probably a family, deviate from this at your own peril, and whatever you do try to keep this from turning into the horrid shadow lover. What do you think of the lover archetype? Leave a comment down below and let us know, and be sure to subscribe!







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