What is High Finance, My Take on How This Term is Used

What is high finance, as this is a term that is very commonly thrown around in the world of Finance and Academia when studying the subject of money. Finance, when it is spoken of in terms of high finance, is referring to a type of finance where trading and transacting in large sums of money is done. I guess you could say that my work as a CSA could technically be considered High Finance, in that I am dealing with some pretty large sums of money day after day, sometimes in the 7, 8 and 9 figure balances. This blog is often times about high finance, and the hedge fund types of shows that you see on television are very commonly speaking of High Finance, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. are all the same. Read on and subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

My Top Ten High Finance Subjects, What is High Finance?

Below, you will find my top ten favorite subjects related to High Finance, and in the field of Finance and Wealth Management. I am very well versed in a lot of different fields in Finance, such as Accounting, Wealth Management, Investments, portfolio management, financial licenses, notarizing deals, retail banking, internet finance, exit planning, and a host of other fields, below are my rank of these subsets of Finance in order.

Day Trading, #10

Day trading, while a lot of fun to talk about, is actually something that I do not really believe in. I am pretty well subscribed to the Index Fund What is High Finance?Management theory of investing, in that most of the research really shows that hedge funds, and other types of financial institutions that are related to active management, cannot really beat the market.

Index Fund Theory, #9

This is one of my favorites in that the research says it is tried and true, and that passive index fund investing is pretty much always correct. The proof is in the pudding, and the research shows that Index Fund investing is pretty much always the best way to go.

Accounting, #8

I really like Accounting because it is even more real and concrete than Finance. As the saying goes, Accounting is backward looking, while Finance is forward looking. In Accounting, you are focused on income tax, book keeping, making sure everything balances, the sacred Accounting Equation of A = L + SE, Debits and Credits, and a host of other issues. I find Accounting to be extremely fun and educating overall.

Forensic Accounting, #7

This is another subject in the field of Finance that I really enjoy, it focuses a lot on the criminology and psychology aspect of the field of Finance, with psychology being another field that I really enjoy learning and reading about.

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Crypto Currency, #6

This one is kind of a weird one for me. I honestly don’t understand it that much, but its very entertaining to listen to Elon Musk talk about Dogecoin!

Audit, #5

Audit and Tax are both a lot of fun for me, Audit is basically defending the corporation against either internal or external auditors, bulletproofing it so that all is well and they don’t get fined or sanctioned.

Income Tax, #4

I have had something of a great love affair with the income tax portion of Finance ever since I first discovered the book for the Enrolled Agent exam. Income tax is something that I have become very good at, to the point where I can file all of my own business and personal tax returns myself, and to the point where I even file tax returns for my friends (for free of course since I am still awaiting my PTIN with the IRS, per the Internal Revenue Code!)

Financial Analysis, #3

Ah, now you can call this one a love affair. Ever since I had my first job as a Digital Marketing Analyst I have fallen in love with Microsoft Excel, with cash flow projections, and with the concept of projecting what the money is going to look like before spending any. Add in some basic SQL, design skills and SEO to this and you have an affair indeed!

Wealth Management, #2

I have been working in the field of Wealth Management for the last 2 years, and have definitely fallen in love with the field, not that it is not incredibly stressful day to day. With stress however comes rewards, and this field is an incredibly rewarding field, not just in terms of cash flow, but with being able to make a name for yourself, build a stable career, and give yourself such a good resume that you can hop jobs, move yourself up the corporate ladder, and pivot to other fields of Finance should you choose to do so.

Internet Finance and SEO, #1

This is my favorite one of all, the Finances behind SEO and of building internet companies. I have been doing this since I was 18 years old, every single day with very few exceptions for about the last 10 years, and I wouldn’t take a second of it back for anything. I have learned so much by doing this, in terms of how to think, how to write, and of how to be an analyst. I also now have a pretty solid understanding of how to build a business from the ground up, of how hard it is, but also of how it is possible with a little experience, persistence and capital.

Final Thoughts on What is High Finance, My Take on the Definition

And so, to answer the question of What is High Finance, it is any field in the realm of Finance where a lot of money is involved. If you are interested in Finance, Accounting, internet analysis, or any related field, I would highly recommend going all in on it. It is really a fantastic field, and you surely won’t regret it!





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