9 12, 2020

Limitless Hiring Eddie, a Perfect Song to Write To

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Limitless Hiring Eddie, Probably The Perfect Song to Write To As I write my fifth Wordpress blog post for the night, I am listening to the binaural beat like song that is Limitless Hiring Eddie, a fun little song from the awesome Limitless sound track that really gets the creative juices flowing for a good writing session. The song Hiring Eddie in the Limitless album cover is the song that plays when Eddie gets his job back at Van Loon Associates, [...]

9 12, 2020

Why Isn’t Sands on NZT?

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Why Isn't Sands on NZT? Why I Think It's Because Senator Morra Does Not Trust Him Why isn't Sands on NZT in the TV show Limitless? I think it is probably because Senator Morra does not really trust him fully as a comrade, in that he would basically be way too powerful were he to get his hands on a supply of NZT, as evidenced in Season 1 when he tracked down Piper Baird and used her in order to make [...]

7 12, 2020

Is Eddie off NZT At The End of Limitless?

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Is Eddie Off NZT At The End of Limitless? Why The TV Show Would Indicate Probably Not If you've seen the movie Limitless as many times as I have (gotta be 100+ times, I can definitely recite almost the entire movie from memory from start to finish), then you may be thinking about the ending of Limitless, as well as the alternate ending, and of whether or not Senator Eddie Morra is actually off NZT at the end of the movie? [...]