Do Billionaires Meditate? Why Tim Ferris Says yes they Do

This will be a very quick blog post in which I discuss the meditation habits of billionaires, and in which I will answer the question of do billionaires meditate? Generally speaking, I would say that yes, most billionaires seem to have some sort of meditation practice, per Tim Ferris book tools of the titans. Tim interviewed 100 of the most successful people on the face of the planet, people with extraordinary success stories like Billionaires, those with a $100M+ net worth, and a host of other different kinds of people. What he found was that nearly every single billionaire and extremely successful person woke up generally pretty early, between 430am and 7am, and that they pretty much always found a way to squeeze in a few minutes of meditation, focusing on breathing and the like, with Tim Ferris himself saying that he always does a 5 minute meditation session every single morning. For more information on all things business and high performance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Do Billionaires Meditate, And Why It’s Highly Probable That Almost All of Them Do

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So, billionaires meditating pretty frequently is not necessarily something that really surprises me. It is probably extremely successful to be under some of the pressure that running these companies puts on you, and I can see just about every single billionaire having a morning routine somewhere in the range of wake up, shower, eat a good breakfast, meditate for 5 minutes, brush teeth etc., drive to work, with all of this being done while checking email (except for maybe meditating and driving.) There’s a law that says that every single thing you do that moves you away from zero increases the probability that you are going to move further away from zero, while everything that you do that moves you closer to zero increases the probability that you are going to move closer to zero. With this in mind, and with billionaires wanting to basically be perfect humans, I can definitely see them striving for peak performance, with meditation definitely being something on their radar that can help them.

How Fast do Billionaires Meditate?

Most I would presume probably do a quick meditation session, somewhere in the range of how Tim Ferris does 5 minutes of meditation. With how precious time is especially for these billionaires, I definitely can see them wanting to do this quickly, rather than them doing 30 minute long meditation sessions every single morning which is really a lot of time investment to be doing with this. As I am writing this blog post I am also getting the nagging question in my mind of whether or not billionaires take vacations, to which I am inclined to say probably not except for on rare occasions, but maybe I’m wrong.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Meditation, And Do Billionaires Meditate?

And so, that’s pretty much the gist of what I know regarding whether or not billionaires meditate. The math seems to indicate that yes, billionaires do generally meditate briefly just about every single morning, but that they do so quickly and consistently so as not to waste too much time on the feat, but to also ensure that they go to work with a clear mind. For more information on all things business, finance, money, careers and performance, be sure to subscribe to our blog and to comment down below for additional details and information.







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