How to Become Limitless in Real Life, And the Steps I’m Taking to Try to Pull This off As Much as Possible

In this blog post, I give my take on how to become Limitless in real life, and give my take on why you won’t need a pill to do this, but instead just a little bit of will power, determination and momentum. So I’ve seen the movie Limitless and have completely fallen in love with it ever since it came out 10 years ago in 2011, trying to make myself as disciplined and like the guy in the movie as possible, taking risks, building businesses, exercising, and doing everything possible to better myself in every single way humanly possible. Something pretty freaky that’s hitting me as I am writing this blog post right now is really the type of effect that this movie has had on the trajectory of my life, I learned about interests that I probably would not have had I not seen this movie, such as finance, politics, computer science, business, accounting, tax, writing and internet marketing. Limitless really unleashed the idea that I had an interest in really the two best fields that I have experience right now, namely finance and SEO and internet marketing, something that is hitting me that is so cool now that I’m writing this blog post. For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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FinanceHow to Become Limitless in Real Life





How to make money online



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How to succeed in life

Self Improvement hacks

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Why The Movie Limitless Changed My Life

So, in a lot of ways, Limitless exposed a hidden interest for me and made me want to get into the field of finance, also opening up the world of SEO and internet marketing for me at the same time, which if you’re really big experts in both of those fields, can definitely make you a ton of money. So far, I’d say that I’m decent in both fields, but that I am by no means experts in either. The reason I say that Limitless did this for me is that it made me start to dream that I wanted to be on Wall Street, and made me start to learn about the world of day trading and finance. This led me to getting a finance degree, which gave me enough of an education to have a good interview at my current firm, leading me to my current job in the field of finance. It also helped to open up internet marketing to me as a sort of secondary career, in that I began to start writing more (I had always been interested in writing but to be totally honest watching that scene where Eddie is writing his book made me start to think that I could write more, leading me to start my first blog and leading into me learning SEO.)

In many ways, my current career bases of Finance and SEO is leading me to the 2 new potential skills that I am trying to learn in both fields, Accounting (The sort of secondary skill to Finance) and Programming (The kind of complementary skill to SEO and internet marketing) were sort of shown to me from the movie Limitless. I definitely remember in the theater saying to myself that I would one day be in the field of finance, and it is mind blowing to me right now that I am an associate at a bank in the field of finance much like Eddie was in the movie, persistence and goal setting pays off I guess!

My List of Things That I Try to Do Regularly to Become Limitless

So rather than make a list, in that I’ve got to get ready to get some rest here, I’ll tell you the gist of what I try to do. I try to wake up at around the same time every single day, I’ve tried to cut certain things out of my life that slow me down like drinking and junk food, and I’ve tried to get some consistent exercise in, as well as make sure I’m always working as hard as I possibly can in my career, and that I always have a side hustle and that I’m learning new skills. These things have helped me to really feel more “Limitless” day to day, although not going to lie, there are definitely days that I feel anything but, but overall these are some of the things that have helped me to be more productive and to feel good about myself day after day.

Final Thoughts on How to Become Limitless, And Why Everyone Definitely Should

And so, that’s pretty much my thoughts on the movie Limitless. Thanks for the nostalgia bloggers, I’m really glad that I wrote this blog post and am really looking forward to writing many more similar ones in the future. For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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