Is Eddie Off NZT At The End of Limitless? Why The TV Show Would Indicate Probably Not

If you’ve seen the movie Limitless as many times as I have (gotta be 100+ times, I can definitely recite almost the entire movie from memory from start to finish), then you may be thinking about the ending of Limitless, as well as the alternate ending, and of whether or not Senator Eddie Morra is actually off NZT at the end of the movie? In the original ending, Eddie basically tells Van Loon to get bent, and says that he is off NZT, so he can shut down as many labs as he wants, as he isn’t even going to phase him a little bit. In the show however, it is revealed that Eddie has taken a pill every single day for the last four years with no side effects due to an immunity shot that renders him immune to the side effects and the withdrawal symptoms of NZT. He then uses this shot to blackmail other NZT-addicts like him into taking the immunity shot to stay alive, allowing him to have workers that are insiders in the NYPD, FBI, Army, Congress, and every single other major branch of the government that you could think of (including I’m sure the private sector, banking etc.). For more information, read on and remember to subscribe!

The main characters in the movie and show Limitless include the following:

Eddie Morra

Brian Finch

Lindy his Girlfriend


Carl Van Loon

VernIs Eddie off NZT at the End of Limitless



Jared Sands



And a host of other related characters, read on for more information.

Is Eddie off NZT At The End of Limitless? All the Evidence Points to Probably Not

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So, at the end of the film, Eddie basically tells Carl that he can shove his empty threats right up his rear, since he is now 100% off the drug, and since he can play the blackmail game just as well as he can, threatening to come after Van Loon for his shady deals as well if he exposes him. With all this being said however, in the alternate ending, he is not off the pill, and he is basically banking on the fact that he can figure a way out, not a great position to be in and pretty much heading for a downhill battle. Follow this up with the show, in Season 1, where Senator Morra boasts how he is still taking it to his new blackmailed employees, With all of this combined, and depending on which side of the story you believe or what mood you are in, I’d say that it’s about a coin flip that he is still taking the drug vs him being off the drug completely.

Why There is About a 50% Change That Eddie is Off The Pill

So, combine the possibility that he is off the pill in the first movie, with the very real possibility from Season 1 and the alternate ending of the film that he is still taking the pill. I tend to lean slightly towards him being on NZT, in that for him to give something up like that would probably leave him open to attack, and I doubt he’d be able to keep that level of brain activity without the NZT. Even if in the first scenario we’re assuming that he kept 80% of his NZT powers, or 50%, which is about what I think probably happened from the conversation he has with Van Loon at the end of the first film, he still may want to take a pill here and there for peak performance when needed.

Final Thoughts on The Movie Limitless, Is Eddie off NZT At The End of Limitless?

What did you think of the movie Limitless, and what do you think about my assumption that Eddie is definitely still taking NZT? Leave a comment down below and let us know and remember to subscribe.







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