How to Be Limitless Without the Pill, My Ten Proven Strategies for Improving Brain Power Naturally

So, the story’s out, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the movie Limitless, and that I am something of a huge self improvement buff. I watch Captain Sinbad, Limitless, I write pretty frequently, I exercise, I strive to take care of myself, and I strive to always be moving forward, and to always be doing something that is going to spiral me up the dominance hierarchy. With all of this combined, I think I have come up with ten things that I do pretty regularly that make me more Limitless, and that really help me to stay clear and keep pushing forward at all costs. And while I don’t hit all of these in perfect stride every single time, I am getting better and better at hitting all of them pretty consistently. And so, be sure to read on to learn how to be Limitless without the pill, and to subscribe for additional details and information on all things business and self improvement!

My Top Ten Ways for How to Be Limitless Without the Pill, Grabbing Big Wins

So below are the top ten things that I do on a regular basis in order to make myself more “Limitless.” And while I obviously have a long way to go from becoming the Perfect Version of Myself, I can say that these ten things that I do almost daily, if not at least weekly, have made me a better, stronger, and mentally tougher human being overall, so here’s the list, in no particular order:

#10, Exercise, Both Cardio and Weight Lifting

This is something that you see in the movie once Eddie Morra becomes his “other self.” He starts going to the gym and doing weight lifting and sit-ups, he gets active by going on walks around town, and he goes for a run across the city bridge. These are exercise habits that I have started to implement quite regularly into my daily routine (we don’t have a bridge nearby in Florida, but I digress.) I go for jogs around the block, hit the treadmill whenever possible, do weight lifting at night, and recently have been doing kettle bell swings. Exercise is something that I got away from for the last 2 years, both due to business and because I thought of it really as a “waste of time” which could not be further from the truth. It feels fantastic to get back into it though.

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#9, Writing, and Publishing, A Blog Post Daily

This is another thing that I have been using to test my consistency. I have two things on my consistency board for the next 4 weeks, and it’s that no matter what else I do for the next 4 weeks, every single day I have to do at least 2 things. 1. I have to write and publish 1 blog post, I don’t care if it’s 11pm and I’m dead tired and have to work the next day, gotta ship something and gotta get some words on paper to publish. Secondly, I have to read at least 5 pages of my 2-15 book, this is an insurance license that I have been trying to get for some time now, but that I kept procrastinating due to other work on my plate etc. Well no more, 5 pages per day will get me about halfway through the book within a month, which is a darn good start at the minimum. I find that once I start reading, in about 30 minutes I can knock out a chapter also.

#8, Dedicating Time to Work on My Business

I have been more diligent about setting aside time to work on my business, especially on my nights and weekends. I have been a little more proactive about not sleeping in and being lazy quite as much on the weekends, and instead I have been using this time to improve my website design, run conversion rate split tests, to write an E-Book that I will be using to bring in subscribers, and to churn out more website content. On top of this, I also have been improving my Website Architecture by way of internal links, a huge SEO ranking factor!

#7, Being as Proactive as Possible in My Job

Something that I have a bad habit of doing at work is just “getting through the week” and putting things off until next week, next week and next week. I am finding however, that while this strategy does sometimes work out, and while it works in the short term, that over long spans of time it more often than not comes back to bite you in the behind. I have been doing a better job of getting caught up and of being more proactive when I have spare time at the office in my 9 to 5 day job.

#6, Cleaning as Much As Possible

I find that making a priority to clean my bedroom, tidy up my workspace, make my bed, clean my bathroom, do the dishes, and generally tidy up my living space makes a huge impact on my clarity of mind, and actually on my peace of mind and my ability to sleep. And while I don’t particularly like How to Be Limitless Without the Pillcleaning, I find that once I start, I find myself sprinting to get as much cleaning done as possible. The productivity benefits of cleaning and of consistency are not something to be underestimated.

#5, Making a Priority to Hang Out With Friends

This has been a little bit more difficult lately due to the COVID-19 remote work world that we are now living in, however I have tried to make more of an effort to play basketball with friends, to go out to restaurants, to go to work happy hours, etc. This keeps your social skills in tact and keeps you going.


This has had a really amazing effect on my ability to implement all of the above. And while I am nowhere near an expert at this, I have found that cutting out PMO has amazing effects generally on my productivity and my clarity of mind. I recently read about the changes it has to your brain .

It is scary indeed how it can have real and lasting negative changes not just on your psychology and your mood, but also your state of mind, your long term perceptions, and the actual physical structure of your brain in a way that a real addiction would.

#3, Meditation

I am just now starting to add this, because I don’t have a ton of time to sit chanting mantras with my legs crossed for 30 minutes every morning. However, like Tim Ferriss puts it, go for the minimum effective dose. A 3 minute or 5 minute meditation tape (type in Deep Theta 5HZ for the tape that I use) can really get my mind clear, and I have been doing this on weekends and nights once in a blue moon lately to deal with work stresses.

#2, Supplementing L-Tyrosine, My Anecdotal Experience

I have just started doing this recently to see if it would help me to cut out caffeine, and this has had some noteworthy effects as well, especially when mixed with all of the above. If I take it, I feel more productive. I know that it is naturally found in meats like Chicken and Steak also, so you are just supplementing the equivalent of fish oil in terms of nutrients, unlike a stimulant or an energy drink which can have some pretty long term negative side effects.

#1, Journaling

This has had some decent effects as well, namely in terms of goal setting and in getting my mild insomnia in check. I have a journal by my bed side that I am using to track certain goals in my life, and it has helped me to keep myself more consistent, in that I am holding myself accountable when I look at my journal each night.

#0, *Bonus – Skills Acquisition, Learning Both Complementary and Obscure Skills

This is another big one. I have been improving my SEO skills by learning more about Silo Architectures and website speed, I have been improving my resume by reading the 2-15 and going for that license, I am always learning new skills at work, I am starting to learn HTML and CSS and am always improving my writing, and I have picked back up the Enrolled Agent book, as it is a fantastic tax education. Being a little bit of a polymath is sometimes considered a bad thing, because you can accidentally be a “jack of all trades, master of none.” However, I am finding that with me running a business and self improvement blog, that these new skills and interests that I have blend very strongly together with my writing, and always give me some unique content to post about and for my subscribers to read!

Final Thoughts on How to Be Limitless Without the Pill, My Opinion

And speaking of my subscribers, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things business, finance, skills acquisition, and self improvement. In the future, hopefully relatively soon, we are going to be publishing some E-Books and giving them out for free for subscribers, one will be an SEO course that teaches you how to make money online, and the other will be a book on personal Finance. And for how to be Limitless without the pill, stay tuned for more information, and as always, you heard it first, right here at Inflation







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