Frank Underwood House of Cards, Lessons in Discipline from a Fictional President of the United States

I decided to do a Frank Underwood and a house of cards series of blog posts, and then I’m getting bored of the same monotony of writing about finance and accounting over and over again. Frank Underwood also has a decent amount of quotes, regarding his views on money versus power, and I think that his views on success, or something that can be emulated at least to an extent, and or something that at least slightly relates to the overall theme of this blog, namely being money and success. In this blog post, I will also try to look at Frank Underwood’s big 5 personality model in detail, and address whether or not Frank Underwood is likely a psychopath or not. For more information on future character reviews, and on all things Finance and Accounting, be sure to comment down below and subscribe for more information!

My Top ten favorite characters on the show House of Cards include the following:

  1. Frank Underwood
  2. Doug Stamper
  3. Rachel Posner
  4. Seth GraysonFrank Underwood House of Cards
  5. Claire Underwood
  6. Cathy Durant
  7. Tom Hammerschmidt
  8. Lucas Goodwin
  9. Zoe Barnes
  10. Senator Curtis Hass

My Frank Underwood House of Cards Review, Why I Really Like Frank Underwood as a Character

Frank Underwood starts off the house of cards series, as the house majority whip, and continues on to become vice president of the United States, and eventually President of the United States in season three of the show. Frank has a very interesting personality type, that we will look at in this blog post, and that his conscientiousness, it’s probably in the 100th percentile, with an IQ in the 99th percentile, he’s also highly disagreeable, and is very willing to take risks to acquire power. He’s also highly extroverted, it is very good at what he does overall. Not that he can’t be friendly, as he’s very social, has a wife, although is completely obsessed with his goals and essentially does nothing but work and scheme for Power. Overall, having a life like that we’re in someways be worse, but in other ways a lot better, as it would be such an interesting adventure, as shown throughout the show. Overall, I really like the character Frank Underwood, and with that being said, let’s go onto the full personality profile of Francis J Underwood.

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My Frank Underwood House of Cards Big 5 Personality Model, What Does Frank’s Personality Look Like?

So, keeping this blog post short and sweet, here’s the Big 5 Personality Model for Frank Underwood:

  1. Conscientiousness – 100th percentile (99th really, there is no 100th percentile) – He is definitely at the pinnacle for conscientiousness, as he is incredibly persistent, and even in the face of certain defeat he is really really good at continuing to push forward against all odds. I’ve learned that this is an incredibly valuable trait to have in life, as persistence cures just about all. To quote the late great John D. Rockefeller “Persistence overcomes everything, even nature.” Nuff Said.
  2. IQ – 99th percentile – 145 IQ, he has pulled off some pretty amazing feats, and is definitely among the smartest 1% of the population, I’m giving him an IQ of 145.
  3. Openness – As someone who is a little bit creative in his doings, and as someone with an appreciation for art, fine wine, sexual experimentation, video games, and risk taking, he is certainly very high in openness, which can give him a really cool balance, including when you think that this correlates with IQ and with the fact that many world leaders have a similar trait. 70th percentile for openness.
  4. Agreeableness – Frank can be friendly if he wants to be, as seen by his relationships with Tim Corbett and Claire, however he is mainly very disagreeable and is actually a really scary dude if you get in his way. 28th percentile for agreeableness, which is very disagreeable.
  5. Extroversion – 90th percentile – He is very outgoing and is very good at public speaking, however he isn’t in the 99th percentile like some of his opponents like Conway of Garrett Walker was, and while still very outgoing, he tends to be more of a PitBull type President, than an extroverted doormat like some of the other ones, more of a Chaney than a Bush.

Final Thoughts on Frank Underwood from House of Cards, and How His Personality Explains his Ruthlessness

In closing out this blog post, personality wise, Frank Underwood is a really cool character, and personally it’s too bad he isn’t the real President! It’s funny how when Season 4 of House of Cards came out, I pretty much thought that it was over exaggerated and that some of this stuff would never happen, but now that I’m seeing the Donald Trump Presidency of a 2020 Pandemic Ridden United States, now I’m thinking that House of Cards didn’t quite go far enough, pretty scary how we are basically in House of Cards Season 5 in the real world right now. But I digress, hope you enjoyed the blog post, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe for daily blog post updates!







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