LBJ most dangerous game, my least favorite Hunter in the entire show.

LBJ stands for Lyndon B. Johnson, and refers to the continuing presidents theme that the hunters have name themselves after, in order to conceal their identities. LBJ is my least favorite Hunter? in the show, and that he is the least noteworthy character, with his only main scene coming and hour before the finish, when dodge is trapped in the ghetto, and LBJ essentially rescues him by accident. Well it is a pretty good scene overall, his most noteworthy scene is the one where He runs into Dodge on the bus, in the earliest scene of the show, with Dodge is first scene is running out of the restaurant. He opens a tool kit, and the audience is left to believe the Dodge is simply being paranoid and running on adrenaline, however we later see that he is actually a hunter, and Dodge is smart to run off the bus, and then he could’ve been in serious danger. In this blog post, I’ll take you through my full LBJ Most Dangerous Game Review, and will walk you through why I absolutely HATE this character, for more information, be sure to subscribe or comment down below!

My Hunter and Character rankings for the show Most Dangerous Games include the below:

  1. Nixon
  2. Kennedy
  3. Reagan LBJ Most Dangerous Game
  4. Carter
  5. LBJ
  6. Dodge Tynes
  7. Val
  8. Miles
  9. Collin

And a host of other characters on the show, who is your favorite character in the hit Quibi series?

My LBJ Most Dangerous Game Review, Pros and Cons of This Low Level Hunter Character

Once again, he played a good role is a major supporting character, and I really like the five choices for the hunters at the show put together. I’m very interested to see what a most dangerous game season two will look like, if we will see Dodge again, if he will try to take down the fund, Or if every single season is going to be a brand new set of hunters. I really hope Quibi comes out with a new episode quickly, as I am going to start having most dangerous game withdrawls, and definitely need my fix of this really awesome TV show.


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Final Thoughts on LBJ, and Why I Hate This Character The Most

LBJ is definitely a character that I am not fond of in this show, and in fact he is by far and away my most hated character on the show. All of the other characters have at least an ounce of humanity, while this guy has absolutely none. Even Carter, who mercilessly beats down Dodge Tynes, has some decency in conversation with him, Miles is rooting him on the entire time, and Nixon helps him up at the end, always a stickler for the rules and always wanting a fair hunt, at the last second for sunrise. Who is your favorite and least favorite characters in the most dangerous game Quibi series? Comment down below and let us know, and remember to subscribe!








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