9 01, 2021

Robert Zane Suits, How Much Money Does Robert Zane Make?

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Robert Zane Suits, How Much Money Does Robert Zane Make? In this blog post, we look at my Robert Zane Suits review, as we talk about how much money Robert Zane likely makes and of why he is such an overprotective father of his beautiful daughter Rachel Zane. We'll also answer the question of how much money does Robert Zane make, in that he is quite possibly one of the wealthiest characters on the show just by his status, attitude and [...]

5 01, 2021

Harvey Subpoenas Mike at the Bar, My Review

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Harvey Subpoenas Mike At The Bar, My Review Of This Very Emotional Scene In my blog post review of the scene where Harvey subpoenas Mike at the bar, I've just got to start out by saying that it is something of a very emotional and sad scene, because it is basically watching a friend betray his friend, which is by far the worst kind of betrayal, and while they eventually get past it and on some level are stronger for it, [...]

2 01, 2021

What is Donna Paulsens Salary?

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What is Donna Paulsens Salary? And Why This is One of the Great Mysteries of the Show! What is Donna Paulsens Salary in the show Suits, and why is this really never fully disclosed within the show Suits? In this blog post, I think I've figured out about what Donna's salary is throughout the show Suits, and of why I think I know what it is, this has been about the second biggest mystery on the show since it first began [...]

27 12, 2020

Suits Can Opener, What is Pre-Trial Ritual in Suits?

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Suits Can Opener, My Hunch of What The Pre-Trial Ritual of Donna and Harvey Is On Suits So, this'll be something of a different blog post then what we usually write about (ah who am I kidding its the same dang thing), in that typically we write about business, or we write about business shows and relate them back to money somehow, but in this blog post, as a loyal Suits fan, I am going to do something entirely different here, [...]

24 10, 2020

Charles Forstman Suits, Why He is a Powerful Billionaire

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Charles Forstman Suits, Why He is the Most Powerful Character on the Show, And is Super Fun to Watch? To first start off my Charles Forstman Suits review, I want to go into the question of how much money does Charles Forstman have, in that is has been said that he has something like $280,000,000.00 to his name, a figure that no one else in the show even really comes close to, except for Louis Litt, who has something like likely [...]

23 10, 2020

Sean Cahill Suits, My Favorite SEC Character!

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Sean Cahill Suits, My Favorite SEC Character on the Show Suits Watching suits has got me looking up how to go to law school without spending $100,000 again, what can you do! In this blog post, we'll look at my Sean Cahill Suits review, and will walk through exactly why I really like him as a character, as he is probably one of the most powerful characters on the show, both in terms of actual power and in terms of overall [...]

25 09, 2020

Logan Sanders Suits, My Least Favorite Character on the Show

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Logan Sanders Suits, My Least Favorite Character on the Show In my Logan Sanders Suits review, I’ll explain why he is easily one of the most powerful characters on the show, and also why he is my least favorite character on the show, mainly because of his cheating ways with Rachel. Throughout the fourth season of suits, Logan has constantly had Mike in the cross hairs, and has mainly acted in this manner towards him due to the prior history that [...]

25 09, 2020

Donna Paulsen Suits, Harvey’s Amazing Wife

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My Donna Paulsen Suits Review, Why I Think Scottie Should've Ended up with Harvey Specter Instead of Donna Now Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the character Donna Paulsen, but I think that she was a little bit too manipulative with her ability to read emotions, especially with the way she sometimes would jerk Harvey around. I think that as much as Harvey and Scottie would fight more, that Scotty was much more truthful and blunt with Harvey Specter, and [...]