What Did Harvey and Donna Do with The Whipped Cream?

What did Harvey and Donna do with the Whipped Cream? The whipped cream is pretty symbolic of a romantic innuendo, and is their old “pre trial ritual” before they were working together full time, when they could no longer be romantically involved. The Whipped Cream first appears when Harvey and Donna are at the DAs office, Harvey whispers something in Donnas ear as he is flirting with her pretty hard in the office (before one of the other legal secretaries interrupts) and she asks “what would we even do it with?” To which Harvey responds “Whipped cream.” With this, we have our answer to the Suits Whipped cream mystery, as well as why it was eventually changed to the, shall we say, more “office appropriate” Can Opener and Thumb Tacks routine. For more information on all things business, finance and TV, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. 

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What Did Harvey and Donna Do With the Whipped Cream?

I have some fun speculations as to what Harvey and Donna possibly did with the whipped cream, but I can’t necessarily list them here without risk of our Affiliate and Ad partners demonetizing us, so here’s some funny, but also workplace appropriate things that they could possibly do with the Whipped Cream. And so while these are obviously not true, here’s what Harvey and Donna could possibly be doing with the Whipped creams. 

Baking a Pre-Trial Cake

It’s a funny one, but its a G-rated thing that they could be doing in there. Maybe as a pre-trial ritual, they each bake and share a piece of vanilla cake. Picture Harvey and Donna, with Harvey bringing over the Whipped Cream to Donna’s place, and with Donna having all the other ingredients. They share a completely platonic and innocent, G-rated moment between friends baking a cake in order to relax Harvey before his trial.

Writing Out Legal Notes in Whipped Cream

They could be writing out pre-trial notes on a chalk board, but in Whipped Cream for a funny, lighthearted meeting (listen we all know what they’re doing with that whipped cream alright but I can’t say it on this blog lol). Picture Harvey writing out case notes about his Folsom Foods case and notes about Daniel Hardman’s demeanor, but in whipped cream on Donna’s chalk board!

Bathing in Whipped Cream?

They could be taking separate baths in Whipped ream (separate baths obviously….) as a way of having fun before the trial. As friends only that is!

Selling the Whipped Cream in an Amazon FBA Online Business? (Unlikely)

This is my funniest one yet. As a hardcore lover of internet marketing, maybe Harvey and Donna are making their own whipped cream drop shipping business! Picture Harvey and Donna making their own whipped cream product line and are calling it “Pearson Specter Cream” and are selling it wholesale to Amazon distributors. It could be a thing let me tell you, or not!

Final Thoughts on What Did Harvey and Donna Do With the Whipped Cream?

Once again….I think we all know what Donna and Harvey did with the Whipped cream, but I just have to be PG on this blog….at least for now. And so on that note, I hope you enjoyed these funny blurbs about how they could possibly be using the whipped cream. What do you think about my analysis here? Comment down below and let us know or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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