My Donna Paulsen Suits Review, Why I Think Scottie Should’ve Ended up with Harvey Specter Instead of Donna

Now Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the character Donna Paulsen, but I think that she was a little bit too manipulative with her ability to read emotions, especially with the way she sometimes would jerk Harvey around. I think that as much as Harvey and Scottie would fight more, that Scotty was much more truthful and blunt with Harvey Specter, and they had a much more honest and compatible relationship. And while I definitely love the Darvey relationship as much as the next guy, but I think that Scotty was definitely a better fit. As far as starting a family however, I definitely can’t see Harvey and Scotty doing that, as it would be much more likely to have a Macbeth and Lady MacBeth type relationship, or a relationship close to Claire and frank from house of cards, and that they would probably just try to take over the world together. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through my Donna Paulsen Suits review, and will look at why I don’t overly like the Harvey and Donna relationship, and why I definitely would’ve liked to have seen him with Scottie instead.

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Donna Paulsen vs Scottie, Which Woman Wins in My Donna Paulsen Suits Review

So, I definitely think that Scottie was the better pick over Donna Paulsen, not that I don’t love Donna because I absolutely do, but let’s use some videos to illustrate why I think that Scottie was the better fit for Harvey. Below is the competitive nature that I think binds Harvey and Scottie together so well:

The witty banter and arguing between the two of them is what I think makes them such a great couple, as they can consistently compete, battle it out with each other, but still sleep soundly by each other and love each other at the end of the day. As I am also hyper competitive by nature, I think that it would be really cool to have a wife one day with the same type of dynamic that Harvey and Scottie have. Fight, compete, make up, have adventures, be in love. It definitely is big to be able to have adventures with your significant other like this on a regular basis, especially when the adventures are high level career battles from two people who are at some of the highest levels in their field.

With this being said, Donna also has her perks, she is extremely attractive, and she obviously gets along with Harvey very very well. After 15 years of working together too, on some level they are a perfect fit. However, they more get along instead of contend with each other, and I do think that Donna has too much of an upper hand with regards to emotional intelligence, and that she can sometimes put Harvey down with how much she exploits how vulnerable he is. Sorry Suits writers, but she was manipulative at times and you know it, Scottie was but only when they were playing the game.

**Update as of February 21, 2021. I actually think that Harvey probably would’ve been better off choosing Donna now that I’ve watched further into the show. Scottie is basically the girl you find with the same career track as you that you fall in love with. It’d be like me finding a girl in finance, however, you start to get super competitive, you start to fight with each other a lot more, and it becomes a competition more than a partnership. At first glance, I would’ve thought that Scottie was it in that Harvey wanted that, but what he really needed was his best friend Donna by his side.

To follow up this new argument, Harvey had panic attacks when Donna moved across the hall to work for Louis, but when Scottie moved away across the country forever, Harvey was only out of contention for one day, because Donna was always there to help him. She knew everything from the beginning, and always made Harvey be honest with her. In this battle, I’d say that he made the right choice in picking Donna to marry him.

Final Thoughts on My Donna Paulsen Suits Review, Do You Agree with My Opinion?

And so, in keeping this short and sweet like most of the other articles on this blog, I would definitely say that Scottie was the better long term fit for Harvey Specter. Had he not had such rough emotional issues, I think that he would definitely be able to see that she was his true wife, as it would give him someone to compete with and contend with on a level that Donna just could not handle. I really love the dynamic between the two of them, and it is definitely something that I strive to have in my marriage someday. Do you think that Donna was better for Harvey than Scottie was? Comment down below and let us know, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for regular finance updates!







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