Skype IPO, The Company Everyone Wanted to Acquire

Skype has been an extremely dynamic company since its founding in 2003. The company has been the subject of interest for some of the largest tech companies such as eBay, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. a Skype IPO was even pitched in April of 2009 while still under eBay. The company eventually went public for a very short period of time and stuck around and make quite the pretty penny for the company that acquired it.

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What is Skype?

Skype is a free voice/video calling service that at the time it was founded in 2003 was completely groundbreaking. Since its inception companies such as Facebook And Google have tried to dip their toes into the voice over IP service industry, Facebook successfully with WhatsApp And Google somewhat successfully with Google Voice. Skype is done via voice over IP which allowed computers to call other computers free of charge, and computers to call telephones and mobile phones at a discounted rate. Skype ran into many issues regarding intellectual property lawsuits, and political issues in China, France comma and the United States.

Skype IPOSkype IPO under Ebay

In 2005 EBay purchase Skype for 2.6 billion dollars and later that year video calling was introduced to the wide array of things that Skype was already able to do. Up until 2008 everything was going incredibly well at Skype under eBay. things seemed to be better than they had ever been for the company under eBay’s supervision. In 2009 EBay had announced that Skype would be spun off as an IPO in 2010, leading to the independence of Skype from eBay. In 2010 Skype filed with the SEC to raise 100 million dollars in an IPO.

Skype IPO under Microsoft

In May of 2011 Microsoft moves to acquire Skype. Microsoft paid quite the pretty penny, what some investors so as too much, at 8.5 billion dollars. Skype was Microsoft’s second largest acquisition. After its acquisition Skype still enjoyed why do use under Microsoft and many of the same freedoms that it had under EBay. Skype continues to be an integral part of the office platform and is included in many distributions of Windows 10 standard. Skype has faced some internal competition from Microsoft Teams as a replacement for business platform use, however , for personal use Skype has remained far more popular than Microsoft Teams.

Skype’s IPO and Aftermath of Microsoft Acquisition

Skype is still to this day one of the largest video and voice calling platforms on the market. There are many apps that have attempted to compete with Skype and many have succeeded in reaching large user bases. However, the thing with applications like this is that many of them can be used at once by single users, they are not mutually exclusive. I know I, like many other people, have WhatsApp, Skype, GroupMe, Messenger, and numerous other messaging, calling, and video calling applications on my phone that I use each day. It is the nature of a thriving internet culture built on continuous communication.




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