Tinder IPO, A Sexy Premise Worth Over $10 Billion in Publicly Traded Stocks, My Take on The Idea of an Initial Public Offering with Tinder

A Tinder IPO is definitely something that myself, and I think a lot of hungry investors, would definitely be interested as a long term stock play. As an App with over 60 million users as of this point in 2020, and with more than 12 million daily active users, 2 billion swipes per day, and with more than 5 million people on their premium subscription service (that’s more than $50,000,000.00 per month in revenue), they are an app that is absolutely kicking right now, and that I think could top a $10 billion valuation were they to IPO from a reputable underwriter, like a UBS or a Morgan Stanley. Overall, Tinder is ripe for the taking, and with nearly $1 billion in annual revenue, they could be a serious threat were they to leave the private placement market and position themselves for a future IPO, within this blog post, we’ll explore what such a feat might look like. For more information in IPO’s and on all things stocks and finance, be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily blog post updates, and to comment down below with your thoughts, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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My Experiences with Tinder, and What I’ve Learned from the App Going on 50+ Tinder Dates that Could Translate to an IPO

Tinder IPOWhile this subheading here may sound like a ridiculous reasoning for why Tinder will make a good IPO, hear me out. I have been on 50 tinder dates or so within the last 3 years, and only recently deleted it because it was literally so addicting that it was getting time consuming, and I was becoming a serial dater, albeit a pretty good one at that. I first downloaded the app when I was 21, I was in another state, and was pretty much at a 0 with regards to dating experience in general, let alone on a dating app.

Within about a month, I managed to get a coffee date with a girl. After that, I was getting dates almost every single week, and while not all of them were successful, I’d say I hit a home run on at least 10% of them.

The point of this anecdote, is that the app is extremely addicting. I consider myself a very cost conscious person, I spend well below my means, I love money, I do whatever I can to save a buck, etc. But quite frankly, the app had me so revved up from going on all these dates, that I wanted more and more, and like anyone chasing a high, I upgraded. I spent the $10 a month and was on tinder premium, which gave me unlimited swipes, and about twice as many dates, for 6 months. Needless to say, if it happened to me, it will happen to more, which is why Tinder will be such a hot stock, it is online happiness and love at a small monthly premium, and in this generation of digital loneliness, it gives you a real outlet to meet people.

Quick update to this as of May 2023, it is now more than 3 years since I wrote this blog post! My does time fly by, though it also drags right alongside it! Still no Tinder IPO currently, however we have since had the Bumble IPO, the now larger and competing app service that rivals Tinder. Tinder appears to be owned by Match, as in the company that created Match.com, which recently raised $400,000,000 in a stock offering. Match is a $10,000,000,000.00, that’s right a ten billion dollar company, which means that Tinder is probably not going to break off on its own anytime soon, they’d be lucky to hit the $1 billion valuation with how slow their installs and revenue numbers have been three years after writing this blog post.

A new piece of information that I have also realized regarding Tinder is how freakishly addicting this app is, along with its other two primary competing Apps, known as Bumble and Hinge. It is literally worse than prawn some days as you can interact with the other users and it becomes freakishly addicting as you can see potential mates pass by with each pending swipe. It is one heck of a strange world that we are living in right now, and it’s getting a heck of a lot more skewed in terms of fairness. I’m anxious yet also frightened to see what technology is going to do for things like dating, SEO, finance, money and jobs a decade from now. I hope it’s a better world then and not a worse one.

Final Thoughts on a Tinder IPO, Something I’d Like to See in 3-5 Years

Given everything going on with the economy in 2020, especially in the United States and Europe, I really don’t see a Tinder IPO happening in the next year, however, 3 to 5 years from now, it is something that is very feasible. This is especially true in that I’m hearing their revenue and overall traffic volume has grown by over 200% due to people being lonely and needing a boyfriend/girlfriend due to the current worldwide quarantine happening, CA CHING! Give it 2 to 3 years and their user base will be huge, it is the next hot stock indeed! For more information on Tinder, and on the possibility of other hot IPO’s, be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily blog posts, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, get to swiping!




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