Pluralsight IPO, a Udemy Subscription Alternative That Recently Went Public in Late 2018

The following blog post will look into the recent Pluralsight IPO, and will walk through why I think they are a really great company, with an absolutely incredible business model that is even better than the Udemy business model, albeit much more expensive. If we’re comparing Pluralsight and Udemy to the world of Financial Services, Udemy is a mutual fund with its fee structure, while Pluralsight is more of a hedge fund, Udemy is the index fund while Pluralsight is the high fee growth stock mutual fund, and so on and so on. Within this article, I’ll walk through why I think Udemy is the better of the two, even though I would definitely invest in a Pluralsight stock IPO over a Udemy IPO. For more information on the Pluralsight vs Udemy debate, subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, or comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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The Business Model Behind the Pluralsight IPO, A Hyper Powerful Subscription Revenue Model

Pluralsight works in the following manner, essentially, you pay one $7 per month annual subscription, and you have access to EVERY single course on the website, which basically has the same level of choice as something like Udemy or Upwork, or even your local college is going to have. This can really cut the cost down from something like Udemy, in that they charge as much as 7 to $15 per course, while Pluralsight gives you total access for just your one, low monthly fee, which now that I think of it is more like $30 per month! You can learn SQL, programming, Accounting, Study for the CPA Exam, learn computer science or finance and investing, or become a financial analyst, for just $30 per month! Pluralsight also provides certificates for each course completed, and can give you a great certification to add to your resume. Yes, for just $30 per month (man I’ve got to add an affiliate link to this blog post at some point if it ever starts ranking) than you can absolutely get certifications in accounting, quickbooks, excel, financial analysis, taxation, SQL, programming, data science, biology, and any other field that you can think of! Pad your resume and save money doing it!

Another thing that I’ll say on Pluralsight, aside from the fact that I wish I would’ve foreseen how much this stock went up when it did, is that I think you can really educate yourself a lot by using this platform. If you’re asking yourself is Pluralsight worth it in 2020, I would say that 100% yes it is! I have become significantly more educated by using Pluralsight, and have used it for everything from SEO videos and learning things like Excel, DCF models and Financial analysis, to getting a basic accounting education and become sharper between the ears on my basic programming knowledge. Pluralsight is basically a cheaper Udemy or Skillshare, and is definitely worth it to start bumping up some of your skills!

Why Pluralsight is One of the Up and Coming Tech Companies, and May Be The New Netflix of Education

Subscription revenue models are absolutely a dangerous business model in my opinion, in that they are hyper competitive in their revenue growth, and each sale they get adds straight to their bottom line. Pluralsight, in its recurring revenue subscription model, functions almost like a miniature version of Amazon Prime or a Suntrust bank, in that all of their fees are never ending. Sign up and pay your $30 once, and from there, they can consistently bill your credit card and continue getting their fees. As of right now, I believe their user base is approaching 1 million subscriptions, which I believe gives them around $30 million dollars per month, for annual revenue of something like $400,000,000.00, yes, Pluralsight is a multi billion dollar IPO that offers an incredible service that is here to stay!

Final Thoughts on the Pluralsight IPO, and Why They Are Now Trading Below Their IPO

What do you think of Pluralsight and their latest IPO? Pluralsight IPOd in late 2018 at a hefty price of $15 per share, for a ~$5 billion valuation, while those shares would soon skyrocket to nearly $30 per share within its first month of trading! I want to thank my Investment Principles Professor here at the good old Florida Gulf Coast University in my home state of Florida for showing me this great stock, I use them for courses and certifications, I am an avid investor in them, and now am a writer of the company! Hope you enjoyed the blog post, read on or comment down below with your thoughts and opinions and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.







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