27 09, 2020

Peter Sullivan Margin Call, An Analyst’s Dream

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Peter Sullivan Margin Call, My Inspiration for Becoming a CFA and a CPA If you've read this blog before, you'll know that I'm really a huge fan of just about every single kind of financial license or exam that there is. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Credits towards a BA in Accounting, I have passed the Securities Industry Essentials Exam, I have a Series 7 License and a Series 66 License, As well as a 2-15 Annuities License, I [...]

25 09, 2020

Scottie Suits, Why I Like Dana Scott’s Character

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Scottie Suits, Why I like Dana Scott’s Character As Harvey Specter's Girlfriend The following blog post will serve as my Scottie Suits review, and will explain why I think that Mrs. Dana Scott should’ve been the real perfect bride for the hero of our story, Harvey Reginald Specter. I would almost go as far as to say that Scottie was probably my favorite character on the show, as the relationship between her and Harvey was so passionate and honest that it [...]

2 09, 2020

Jessica Pearson Suits, How Much Money Does Jessica Pearson Have?

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Jessica Pearson Suits, The Best Managing Partner There Is My Jessica Pearson Suits review will touch on why she is such a badass woman, looking at some of her best moments within the show and talking about why she puts even the great Harvey Specter to shame! Jessica Pearson, were she to be a real person, is definitely one of the toughest, smartest and most hard working people that there is. The following blog post will touch on why she is [...]

23 08, 2020

Dana Tan Batman Beyond, A Tale of Wealth Inequality

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Dana Tan Batman Beyond, A Tale of Wealth Inequality In my Dana Tan Batman Beyond review, I'll give a brief review of the show Batman Beyond, and will also walk through why I think Dana Tan makes a perfect wife for Terry McGinnis, as she eventually turns into his wife to be at the conclusion of the show. I really loved the Batman Beyond show, in that it takes place in the future, and touches on a lot of future issues [...]

18 08, 2020

Frank Underwood House of Cards, Lessons from the President of the United States

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Frank Underwood House of Cards, Lessons in Discipline from a Fictional President of the United States I decided to do a Frank Underwood and a house of cards series of blog posts, and then I’m getting bored of the same monotony of writing about finance and accounting over and over again. Frank Underwood also has a decent amount of quotes, regarding his views on money versus power, and I think that his views on success, or something that can be emulated [...]

18 08, 2020

Rachel Zane Suits, The Hottest Character on the Show!

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Rachel Zane Suits, My Favorite Female Character on the Show Rachel Zane is the fifth year paralegal at Pearson Specter litt, and is the daughter of Robert Zane, one of the biggest managing partners in the world in the show. She is also the love interest of Mike Ross, the main character in the show, and has some fiery sex scenes throughout the series that really spice up the shows dynamic, as well as gives the audience a chance to see [...]

16 08, 2020

Kennedy Most Dangerous Game, My Second Favorite Hunter

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Kennedy Most Dangerous Game, Why Kennedy is my second favorite Hunter, as a Ruthless Hot Asian Chick Kennedy, is the name of the fourth hunter that we see in the show Most Dangerous Game, and she First appears in episode 11, when dodge ends up on a cruise ship, at the Buffet, Hungry, thirsty, and tired, eventually meets her while she is dressed as a waitress on the boat, of which she kicks him in the throat with her heel, and [...]

16 08, 2020

Carter Most Dangerous Game, My 4th Favorite Hunter in the Show

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Carter Most Dangerous Game, One of My Least Favorite Characters on the Show Carter is definitely one of my least favorite hunters on the show, and he comes in 4th place among the 5 hunters in terms of likeability. He was a very good hunter though, that much I will give him, and the way he trapped Dodge in the church and deceived him into believing he was a Nigerian Priest when he was really one of the hunters, was unforgiving, [...]

16 08, 2020

Nixon Most Dangerous Game, My Favorite Hunter in the Show

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Nixon Most Dangerous Game, Why Nixon is My Favorite Hunter in the Show The Most Dangerous Game The following blog post will look at why Nixon is my favorite character on the show the most dangerous game, if you haven’t seen the show yet from Quibi, the most dangerous game, the game features five hunters, Noah’s Nixon, Reagan, Kennedy, Carter, and LBJ. These are name is given to the hunters in order to protect their identities. Since it is five hunters [...]

16 08, 2020

Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game, Will Dodge Survive the Hunt?

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Dodge Tynes Most Dangerous Game Review, Will Dodge Survive The Hunt in the Most Dangerous Game? So, this is a blog post about Finance, but it's not a blog post about Finance, in that it's really about how one man is hunted for the chance to win $24,500,000 over the span of 24 hours, with deposits increasing every single hour that he stays alive within the game. If you still haven't seen the show Most Dangerous game, it is on Quibi, [...]