Wendy Rhodes Billions, Who is Wendy Rhodes from Billions?

My Wendy Rhodes Billions monalogue, and why she is one of my favorite characters on the show! She is the wife of Chuck Rhodes, who is the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, commonly abbreviated as SDNY, and is the main antagonist of the story throughout the first three seasons, chasing the main character Bobby Axelrod around, and trying to throw him in jail. Chuck roads, as well as Wendy Rhodes, is among my favorite character in the series billions, however Wendy is a step above, given the esoteric nature of her job, how good she is at being a psychologist, it is how she interacts with the other traders on the show. Her dynamic with her husband sexually, is also something that I find extremely intriguing, and that they consistently have a BDSM type of sexual relationship, it’s still manage to have normal lives and careers, leaving this behind closed doors.

Why I Like Wendy Rhodes from Billions As a Character

Wendy Rhodes has had an interesting but rough season, this season for billions, and that her husband has publicly spoken about her BDSM relationship, in the news media, and this is discussed thoroughly throughout the show. She even lose the spark, and lose his love for her husband, Chuck roads, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, and they have huge fights given roads political decision to expose their private sexual practices for political purposes. Overall there are scenes with Wendy and Chuck in this show, and specifically in season four, that I think makes season for the best season that the show billions has ever had. If you agree, subscribe to her blog for more details and information, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article.

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My Favorite Scenes Featuring Wendy Rhodes from Billions

Some of my favorite scenes featuring Wendy Rhodes from Billions include the following:

  1. Bobby Axelrod negotiates with Wendy Rhodes at the Skate Park – Axelrod, as the manipulative, political, negotiating business genius he is, obviously outmaneuvers her here, however she kicks back in full stride. She asks for a raise and gets it, and then asks for equity in the business, and partially gets it, however when she also asks Bobby to drop the suits against her husband, she gets a firm no, until he folds and says yes. From there, she realizes that it was all a trick so that she would cave and come to him with this, she gets mad but folds in the end and ends up back where she belongs, at Axelrod’s hedge fund.Wendy Rhodes Billions
  2. Wendy Opens up the Book on Axe to Chuck – Wendy tells Chuck, her husband, everything she knows about Axe from their supposedly confidential therapy sessions, it is a good and intimate conversation between her and chuck, and shows that she does value chuck over Axe, at least for now.
  3. Bobby Lays down on Wendy’s couch in her office- It is a very intimate moment between Bobby and Wendy, and I really like this scene because it shows a much softer and laid back side of Bobby, definitely an underrated scene.

Final Thoughts on Wendy Rhodes from Billions, A Spectacular Jordan Peterson Spin off Character

In closing out this blog post, I love the character development of Wendy Rhodes over the past several seasons, and just want to say that if you have not given this show a chance yet, that you definitely should, in that it is well worth it. I am currently caught up through season 4 of the show, and absolutely cannot wait for season 5 to be released in about a month or two, it will be some much needed and relaxing entertainment indeed. Subscribe for daily blog posts!





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