Mike Ross suits, How Much Money Does Mike Ross from Suits Have in His Account?

Mike Ross is definitely my favorite character on the show suits, and being the main character, actually reminds me a lot of myself. The reason for this, is that Mike Ross tends to be something of an agreeable nerd, but also a very hard worker, and extremely smart and able in everything he does with the law. He’s also very well rounded, although he’s slightly liens on brain is to make his career work. I really like his character, and I really like his character development throughout the seasons, the following blog post will look at both his personality profile, and how much money he likely has in his bank account, from his salary at Pearson Specter Litt. 

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How much money does Mike Ross have?


In answering this question, I’ll take a look at the salary of Mike Ross at his law firm, Pearson Spector Derby, and how much he has saved during his five or so years at the farm. Generally, being he’s at the largest law firm in New York, he likely has a starting salary as an associate, of around $190,000 per year, in that this is about the starting salary of an associate when the show first took place, back in 2011. Give me that Mike Ross also lives in a modest apartments, and that his expenses in New York probably are somewhere in the range of $40-$50,000 per year, or perhaps a little less, Mike Ross after taxes probably saves something along the lines of $60,000 per year after his 401(k) match. Couple this with razors, and give him an average salary of $300,000 per year for about five years, which after taxes and the 401(k) match, would give someone New York around $175,000 per year take-home pay, this combine with modest living, would let him save somewhere around $600,000 during his five-year tenure with the firm. This could also be a conservative figure, since he made junior partner, giving him a salary of $425,000 per year, and Harvey gave him an additional raise for partner that was double the salary that he started with, meaning he could’ve been making as much is $600,000 per year at one point in time. By the time the show concluded, Mike is likely a millionaire, sitting on well over $2 million, with his wife Rachel Zane, probably in the mid six-figure Mark, as she has also been working in law for a very long time. I would say that at the close of the show, Mike Ross probably has a net worth north of $2 million, with Rachel Zane‘s net worth somewhere around $500,000.


The Personality Profile of Michael James Ross


Using the big five personality model, we can look at what the personality of Mike Ross is like, in analyzing his IQ, openness, agreeableness, extroversion, and conscientiousness, as well as neuroticism.


IQ – , Mike Ross has the highest IQ on the show, and while this usually correlates with openness, this is a pretty conservative career field which makes being creative somewhat impossible. Nevertheless, Mike and Harvey always find creative loopholes in ways of bending the law, which I would say adds to their creativity and openness. Given that Mike Ross has a photographic memory, understands things faster than most, and is a self-proclaimed genius with a 180 on the LSAT, I would give him an IQ of about 150. Rachel Zane‘s IQ by comparison, is a more modest, Yet still incredibly impressive 130, with Harvey Specter’s IQ somewhere around the same level, at probably 135. 


Agreeableness – Mike is definitely leaning towards the agreeable side when the show begins, but starts to grow back bone and leans more towards the disagreeable side as the show ends. Well I would give Harvey’s somewhere around the 30th percentile for Mike Ross Suits Reviewagreeableness, as shown in his problems with relationships, his general disagreeable nature, and the fact that he is an argumentative lawyer, 


Mike is closer to the 60th percentile for agreeableness, and then he is definitely not a pushover by any means, yet has a lot of compassion due to his parents dying in a car crash at a young age.


Extroversion – Mike tends to be a little more neurotic than Harvey, or the later in the show this flips a little bit, wall he also content to be a little bit more socially isolated than Harvey can. Not to say that he lacks public speaking skills or cannot on the room, as this is certainly not the case, but Mike Ross definitely is not at the 99th percentile of extroversion like Harvey Specter is, I would put him at the 85th percentile for extroversion. 


Neuroticism – Mike again is a little bit more neurotic than Harvey is, even though they both have their moments. Harvey is generally more coolheaded than Mike is in most situations, given his experience. I would put Mike at the 35th percentile for neuroticism. 


Conscientiousness – this is an interesting trait, which pretty much correlates with hard work. Harvey Specter definitely is at the 99th percentile in overall conscientiousness, including orderliness and industriousness. Mike has a little bit less of both, and that he is so smart he does not have to work as hard. Not to dumb down Mike working 100 hours per week like most lawyers do, and Harvey tending to take mornings off and sleep in, being more of a night owl. I would say Harvey Specter work somewhere around the line of 90 hours per week, with Mike working closer to 70 or 75 hours per week. 

I would give Mike the 78th percentile for conscientiousness, and that it has also been shown that he is something of a slob.


Final Thoughts on my Mike Ross Suits Review


To conclude my Mike Ross suits review, overall Mike has a very interesting psychological profile, it’s very tough, very well rounded, and overall a very well-balanced person. Well Harvey tends to lean more on his social skills and work, Mike is very well-rounded and then he always has a girlfriend, get married, and pretty much in bodies all the aspects of life. Later in the show, Harvey Specter does the same, but in a slightly different way. Overall I really love the character and how they develop him over the years, and suits is definitely my number one favorite show out there.





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