What Percent of Bloggers Make a Full Time Income From Their Blogs?

What percent of bloggers make a full time income from their blogs? As someone who previously tried to blog full time for a living, and as someone who is trying to get back to this again, I am going to use this blog post to tell you exactly what it takes to turn your website into a full time income, how to have financial security before you make the jump to being a full time blogger, and how to structure your blogs to put money away in the bank or the stock market so all your finances aren’t tied up in a blog that could always end up penalized or out-ranked etc. I have been a prolific blogger for the past 10 years, this website on hits own has 600 articles, and I currently have websites with as many as 3000 articles in total floating around on the internet right now from both current and past blogs.

I want to use this article to tell you that it is possible to make a full time living blogging, but that it is probably unlikely, and that it is extremely difficult. Hope you enjoy reading, let’s see just what it takes to become a full time blogger, things to look out for, and how to make it work!

What Percent of Bloggers Make a Full Time Income From Their Blogs?

The percentage of people that can make a full time living from a website that they built or purchased from the ground up is extremely low. Of the people that blog full time (or of the blogs on the web that actually make money) I believe it has been said that around 5% of all blogs can make money. Of the total amount of bloggers in the world, including all websites etc. It is only about .1% of people online that have websites that make a full time living online. There are very few website success stories, however there are really a LOT of websites that make virtually nothing. In full disclosure, the percentage chart I am going to give you below is going to be something of an educated guess, but I do believe it is fairly close in terms of its numbers, here’s the revenue of bloggers by percentage.

0% to 75% – $0.00

What Percent of Bloggers Make a Full Time Income From Their Blogs?76th percentile – $100 a month

77th percentile – $250 a month

80th percentile – $500 a month

85th percentile – $1500 a month

90th percentile – $5,000 a month (Full Time Income Range)

91st percentile – $7500 a month

92nd percentile – $10,000 a month

93rd percentile – $17,500 a month

94th percentile – $25,000 a month

95th percentile – $30,000 a month

96th percentile – $40,000 a month

97th percentile – $50,000 a month

98th percentile – 60,000 a month

99th percentile – $100,000 a month

99.9 percentile – $1,000,000 a month

99.99th percentile – $10,000,000 per month

99.999th percentile – $100,000,000 per month

99.99999th percentile – Jeff Bezos, $10B a month

These numbers may be very close or they may be completely off. What I will tell you however is that this is definitely how the chain sequence goes in terms of percentages. Those at the very top of the field have like ALL the money online, with those at the bottom making virtually nothing. If you make just $100 a month online I would venture to guess that you’ve already beat out around 2/3 of people in this field, it is just that hard to stick with building a website and to monetize it if you have no experience in the field.

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If you have $500 a month you have beaten 6 out of 7 people, and at $5,000 per month, a full time income from online blogging, you have beaten 9 out of 10 people in the field. I have at one point been as high as in the 92nd percentile of bloggers on this list (I had a prior site that made $10,000 a month for a little bit) and right now am probably around the 70th percentile or so of bloggers (with my partner backing me as a web designer and computer programmer that is) just based on my knowledge, revenue, and years of experience in the field. I can’t imagine there are that many people that are still chipping away 2-3 blog posts a day 10 years into the game.

What Does it Take to Make a Full Time Living Blogging?

Okay so for me to make a full time living off Inflationhedging.com, here’s what it likely would take:

I probably will need something like 5,000 blog posts

I’ll need to regularly update and optimize these more than I am currently doing.

I need to upgrade my SEO tools with things like SEMRush and Surfer SEO

As soon as I get to $400 or $500 a month in revenue I will need to reinvest every single dollar back into content for the website that ranks well. This can get me 100 articles a month, and if I write another 60 articles I am then publishing 160 articles per month. At only another 3500 articles to make a full time income, I may be able to see full time salary numbers in as little as 20 months at that pace. At this rate, if I work on this website as hard as I can I might be able to make a full time online income in 30 to 36 months, definitely a length period of time as that would mean that I have been working on the blog for 5 years, but not impossible to pull off.

Final Thoughts On How To Make a Full Time Income From Your Blog

For an average everyday person, I would say to start off your blog aiming to publish 1000 articles on it. If you write 1000, target articles on any given topic (finance, accounting, lawn maintenance, weather, love, dating, jewelry, furniture etc.) that you have to at least be making $500 a month at the worst. Keep reinvesting profits and growing from there and it will start to snowball very quickly. You could easily double or triple that number inside of a year, then you can upgrade to premium ad networks, and so on and so on.

Even at $2,000 per month you can likely acquire a new blog every 2 months or so that gets as much as $100 a month in revenue. 36 months of acquiring new websites like that, and finding a way to reinvest all profits and add 50 articles or so to each website, and you have got yourself probably a $7,000 to $10,000 per month, diversified portfolio of websites with all of this. You can keep reinvesting profits and acquiring new blogs, you can go all in on one website and try to sell it for $1,000,000, you can sell the whole portfolio for a massive amount of money, likely $500,000, the possibilities are endless and get much more fun!

To make a full time income blogging, it is going to be one heck of an adventure, comment down below and tell us your story to a full time income blogging.




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