How to Write Answer Target Blog Posts? This Blog Post Is an Answer Target Article

How to write Answer Target blog posts is a very common SEO question asked on the web, and with good reason, since this is a very powerful way to get Search Engine traffic that is highly profitable on your website. I have started to making writing this type of article a vast majority of my new content going forward somewhere in the range of 50-60% of all of my new upcoming content on this blog, because of how they rank so well. And so, in this blog post, I will show you what tools I use to find a limitless supply of keywords that function as high ranking, answer target blog posts, all of which are free, and that can help you to grow your website in a truly massive way. I am always seeking to learn new things about SEO and internet marketing, so if you have any internet marketing advice, be sure to leave a comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

How to Write Answer Target Blog PostsSome of the main tips that I can give you with regards to writing good Answer Target blog posts that rank very well and that are profitable for a lifetime include the following:

Make your Answer Target blog posts at least 1500 Words in Length for Best Results

Use and their suggested search box in the SERPS to find Answer Targets

Use as a free way to estimate monthly search traffic for your keyword answer targets

Use and use the “Google” SERPs tab, or whatever Search Engine you are looking to rank for, to generate keyword possibilities to write about.

Make the subheadings within the blog posts variations of the same phrase. (A subheading for this blog post could be “How do Answer Target Blog Posts Work?)

Feel Free to niche up in order to hit more answer target posts

And much more, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

How Do Answer Target Blog Posts Work?

Feel free to use this blog post as a guide, because, in the typical “breaking the fourth wall” fashion that I strive to bring with me on posts that frequent
this blog, this article is itself an answer target blog post. These post types function just like how they sound, essentially you just find a search query
in the form of a question that is either more frequently or less frequently searched (I personally shoot for low to medium volume as they are the easiest and quickest to rank for in the Search Engines) and you make this the title of your article, the Focus Keyword of your article, the H1 tag and the H2 tag variations, and ask and answer additional questions within the post.

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Once you get good at SEO and at doing these, they are actually super fun to write about, and they have the highest change of any article of getting ranked for a featured snippet (meaning Google features it at the top of the first page and basically allows you a cheat code to bypass and outrank all the other websites really quickly, stealing all of their traffic from the Search Engines).

These are extremely powerful posts and I am starting to incorporate them as a serious majority on all of my affiliate websites from here on out, the traffic and the revenue numbers just do not lie!

Why Do Answer Target Blog Posts Get So Much Traffic? Ranking For Multiple Keywords And Ranking for More Direct Search Queries

There are a couple of key reasons why answer target blog posts tend to rank so well and to get so much traffic in the Search Engines. If you think about it, post types that are not answer target keyword posts are much more general. Writing a blog post titled “Basket Weaving 101” is not going to have as many direct searches, and while sure it will get traffic over time if it is a good post, it is not going to get as many direct hits on the exact keyword phrase.

Something more specific like “how to weave a basket with gorilla glue” if it has any search volume at all, is going to perform significantly better, all else being equal. Not only will you rank higher because you are getting more direct queries that hit your article title and keyword focus, but also are you going to rank in the Search Engines for a significantly higher number of keywords than in the prior title. A title like this could get you rankings for things like “how to weave a basket as a hobby,” or “how to weave a basket with glue” or “how to weave a basket without glue” and so on, and so forth. It can really spiral your website up having 100 or 200 of these Answer Target blog posts. Add in the fact that they are super fun to write about, and you have yourself a very interesting business strategy here, and one that is far too profitable to not be implementing into your general SEO strategy.

Why I Find that 7 to 11 Word Queries Often Perform The Best In The Search Engines

A quick side tract note before I answer this subheading question, is that I have seen many blogs hit $9,000 per month, or $4,000 per month, or $10K monthly, or get to 10,000 hits per month with nearly $500 per month in ad revenue like this website gets in a short time frame (about 18 months working on it part time) just through using primarily answer target blog posts, definitely incorporate this into your keyword strategy, you will not be sorry!

As to why I find that 7 to 11 Word Queries often perform the best in the Search Engines, my experience has led me to believe that the more words a query has to it, as a general rule, the less search traffic it gets, and the less competition it gets. It gets you much more specific, wipes out a lot of the
Search Engine competition, and it makes it so that you are getting higher rankings on more direct searches with something like “how long should the ideal marathon training schedule last in the winter” versus “how long to train for a marathon.” The more specific you can get in your answer target titles without being ridiculous about it, the more traffic and keywords your website will have going for it.

Final Thoughts on How To Write Answer Target Blog Posts? The Answer Target Article About How to Write Answer Target Articles!

And that’s my 2 cents on how to write Answer Target Blog Posts. Another tip that I have for you if you want to build up a profitable affiliate website,
is that it is likely going to take a lot of content, and therefore a lot of time, in order to build up a profitable, successful, and sustainable web
property. With this being said, use your time as creatively as possible to squeeze in time to write more blog posts. I wrote this 1500 word article while crammed in the back of a Spirit Airlines flight, just that one decision that I made gave me lifetime income off of this article. Start thinking like this and your blog will succeed every time. For more details and information on all things business, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional detais and information!



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