How to Build An Email List That Provides Lifetime Affiliate Income In 1 Hour a Week!

If this sounds too good to be true just off the title of this blog post, don’t you worry your pretty little head, because in this post I am going to
be explaining how this is going to be done, without some free lunch fallacy, but with hard work and a realistic business strategy. I have been building
up affiliate websites and email lists that generate income for years and although it is definitely extremely difficult in the beginning, I will tell you
that once you get the momentum going, you can sit back and do absolutely nothing if you wish (or virtually nothing, you will still need to schedule the emails every week or every month and sign in once in awhile to see how the campaigns are performing) and still collect the same income. Passive income, not active income, is the true way to get super rich over the long term. The other benefit to having passive income like this is that not only can you combine it with active income to build up even MORE passive income (invest the money into the websites, invest into CDs, Bonds and Dividend Bearing stocks that also provide a lifetime income) or you can use the time and money from your passive income machines to build up even MORE passive income streams.

This strategy, as well as selling your websites once they get to a certain level of income (a website generating you $500 per month can be sold for between $15,000 and $20,000, and a site getting $7,000 per month can sell for nearly $250,000…you can seriously build up a massive net worth flipping websites if you are able to get to incomes like that) can 100% make you rich. I am not a millionaire yet from this strategy, but I feel that I am How to Build An Email List That Provides Lifetime Affiliate Income In 1 Hour a Weekdefinitely well on my way, and once my strategy does get me to a $1,000,000.00+ net worth, with an awesome online affiliate income, I will be starting an online SEO and affiliate training blog to teach others how I did it! But enough pitter patter, let’s get to the topic of this blog post, how to build your email list and make online passive income!

Building Your Email List That Will Provide Income For a Lifetime – Start With An Affiliate Blog

The basic way to do this is to first use content marketing and SEO in order to build up a website that gets traffic. Pick a niche not so much based on volume and keyword profitability at first, but instead on something that you can write about, that you enjoy, and that you will keep working on for years. An example of this is me being nervous to compete in the finance niche when I first started this website, I thought that the niche might be over saturated, and that it would be too hard to compete in given how many massive niche competitors rank in the niche. It turns out that it worked like a charm, and that this blog now gets in excess of 10,000 pageviews per month.

The thing I have learned with content marketing is that volume and consistency is key, and that with consistent posting, even something like 1-3 short blog posts per day for as much as a single year, can drastically transform how much traffic, and revenue your website will have. Pick any niche, download the SEO Yoast plugin, and go to town. Even just using simple tools like the free trial version of SEM rush or can give you enough keyword topics, in a year you can have your email list sales funnel and could easily be pulling in $500 a month in ads.

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What Type of Website Traffic You Need to Build a Significant Email List

I typically would start thinking about split testing for email subscribers once you hit the 100 to 200 visitor per day range. At this level of traffic, you are likely making between 1 and 3 sales per day, depending on your niche and what product it is, and you can definitely pull in between 1 and 10 subscribers every day, again depending on your niche and call to action.

How to Effectively Monetize Your Email List

Once you actually have the email subscriber list built, monetizing them is typically pretty easy. On previous websites, I scheduled anywhere from 1 email per week, to 3 emails per day (depending on how engaged my readers were) and would hit them with things like E-commerce discount offers, blog post suggestions, affiliate marketing offers, and even blog posts with high engagement that tended to have a high CTR in order to click on my ads. All of these strategies can make you money with your email list, but the rule that I have found is, each subscriber has a limit with how much they will ever buy from you on a given day, year, or decade. The more you pester your email list, the more money you will make in a short time frame, but likely the less you will squeeze out of each subscriber over the long run. And as with everything, practice makes perfect on this, jump into the game to get experience here.

How Much Money You Will Make, On Average, Per 1,000 Email Subscribers

The rule I have found is between $500 to $1,000 per month for each 3300 subscribers, so with an email list of 1,000 subscribers, on 3 to 5 emails sent out each week, I would expect to get something like $200 to $400 per month off of your list. Depending on what niche you are in, ie. if you are in the Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing niche, something to keep in mind is that there are affiliate software programs that offer you lifetime income. Look up affiliate program and keep doing down the list of email software lines for exactly what I am talking about here.

There is a fantastic blog post on this by Dan Brock, the Deadbeat Super Affiliate Guy, here:


The Best Lead Capture and Email Marketing Software That Can Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Business

My top ten that I have used include the following;

  1. iContact
  2. Constant Contact
  3. SendGrid
  4. Aweber
  5. Sendinblue
  6. Drip
  7. Hubspot
  8. MailChimp
  9. SumoMe
  10. ConvertKit

I will go through all of these in more detail in a future blog post. But for now, this dog has had its day, and I am getting tired of having this post in drafts!

Final Thoughts On How to Build An Email List That Provides Lifetime Affiliate Income In Just 60 Minutes Per Week, The Verdict Is In!

And that’s my two cents on how to build an email list that provides lifetime affiliate income in just 60 minutes per week. A list of around 1,000 subscribers is enough income to pay your utility bill each month, and a list of 100,000 subscribers is enough to fund a lifestyle like a Cardiologist if you do it correctly. That’s a good euphemism to keep in mind if you ever think about quitting internet marketing when the going gets tough. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!







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