What Is Spidermans IQ? I Say Between 150 and 175

What is Spidermans IQ? To be frank as to the reason why I am starting to write more and more blog posts like this, they are doing super well in the Search Engines, and while I am pretty darn sure that they won’t convert that great just because of this blog being finance-centric, I have fun writing them, and they get like hundreds of visitors per month, or thousands of visitors per year per blog post. And so, in this blog post, we are going to talk about the IQ of Spiderman. And just like the blog post on What is Tony Starks IQ, we will go into detail on some of the most difficult and technical things that Spiderman has done, why I think this is his Intelligence Quotient score is in the 175 range, and even how he was able to build a $1 Billion dollar company in one of the comics. For more information on all things finance and psychology, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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What is Spidermans IQ? I Say About 175 Due to His Awesome Inventions

Spiderman has come up with some pretty awesome inventions over the years, both from the old and new movies, and in the comic books. He also has been Spiderman for awhile, designed his own costume and web shooter, has taken out tons of foes, and at one point in the comics even builds his own billion dollar company. He’s also been a reporter for the Bugle on top of being Spiderman, has taken out tons of top bad guys, and has made inventions like Spider Tracers and the Spidey Compass. Needless to say, Peter Parker would have to have something of a high IQ to pull all of this off, lets look at some of his inventions below.

Building a Billion Dollar Company

In issue #20 of the Amazing Spider Man, we see Peter Parker building the multi-billion dollar conglomerate company known as “Parker Industries.” To build a company of any kind, you need to have an extraordinarily high amount of will power and intelligence. He ends up building basically a technology consulting company after being fired from Octavius labs, and while he’s definitely no Tony Stark, this is dam impressive.

Making Webbing

Let’s not forget, that aside from in the original Spiderman 1,2 & 3 movies with Toby Macguire, we have Spiderman actually making his own webbing in the comic books, and this is the same storyline as with Tom Holland. As Tony says, “the textile strength is off the charts” and he made this essentially out of a box of scraps in his own room. Not bad for a broke 15 year old kid.

Being Spiderman

Being Spiderman as a night job is no mean feat. Aside from putting himself in danger day after day, he has to solve all of these insane puzzles to take down bad guys. He is basically a police detective, as well as a fighter, and is able to do all of this while having a full time job, as gosh knows being Spiderman does not pay the rent.

Reporter for the Bugle

Add to all of this that he is a reporter at the Daily Bugle. And while this may seem like just a regular job, notice how Marvel did not have Peter Parker work as a fry cook at McDonald’s to make money, no he is a television reporter (ironically the same as Superman…..for some reason this is the go-to), which is an extremely difficult 9 to 5 job that is probably netting him like $100,000 per year since he lives in New York. Not bad at all, and it takes a minimum IQ of about 120 to be a solid news reporter, which is basically Peter’s part time job.


Yes, on top of all of this, Peter Parker is a scientist, having been seen in Dr. Connor’s grad school class of science, and becoming top of the class once he puts his mind to it (and has more time since he is no longer Spiderman.) This can be seen in Spiderman 2, the original one with Toby McGuire, once he loses his spider powers.

Curing the Lizard

He is able to use science and the antidote to cure the lizard and bring back Curt Connors, not bad at all here.

Spider Man Armor

At one point in the comic books, Peter makes his own Spider Man Armor, and while it is no competition to Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume, it is darn good, especially…once again, with the low amount of financial resources that he has to build it with in this particular comic book Universe. He is able to make about as good of an Armored Spider Suit as Tony made for Peter.

Spider Tracers

You can find these in the TV series and in the Spiderman 2 videogame. We see Peter using these pretty frequently in these venues, normally to keep a trace on motorcycles and cars when some bad guy is able to get away.

Final Thoughts on What is Spidermans IQ? My Take on My Second Favorite Hero and his 175 IQ

And so, with all this, it can be shown that Peter Parker absolutely has exceptional ability, and not just because of his Spider powers, if anything these are just a by-product. Peter Parker is among the smartest characters in the MCU, and he has always sort of been shown to be a boy-genius, even being a huge nerd before the Spider-powers game that he had going on got started. Agree with my IQ psychological assessment of Peter Parker? Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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