Getting a Single Apartment, Why I’m Moving Away from Roommates

This blog post may be a bit more esoteric than my usual articles, in that it involves my current life situation, I am likely going to be moving out and getting a single apartment for the first time in my life in about the next 6 months or so, once my lease is over. If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog for some time now, then you are probably thinking “what the heck this dude still lives with roommates?!” The reason that I have been doing this is that I am getting very close to having almost $100,000 in liquid cash in my bank account, and this is hopefully going to be a down payment on my first home some day, all from just a little smart saving and sucking it up with roommates the whole time I’ve been in my 20s, not a bad gig overall. And so, with this in mind, this article will talk about why I am moving out pretty soon here, why I think it will let me make more money over time, and more thoughts on this subject. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Getting a Single Apartment, Something I Can’t Find a Lot About On The Web

This is a topic that personally, I think is very finance-oriented, and is also something that is such a big life change that many people don’t talk about. It is about as big of a life change as choosing to move out of your parents home and live on your own, and is almost as big, I feel, as choosing to buy a house at some point, and I’ll tell you why this is the case in a bit. Right now, I am living with roommates for about $800 per month. The room sort of sucks, its hard to keep clean, I don’t care about it at all really so it has gone somewhat downhill, and the place is pretty gross. Add to this, the fact that they are somewhat loud and distracting at night, as well as the fact that I actually get along well with them and want to hang out with them in the living room rather than getting to bed earlier or working more, and you have a recipe for saving money yes….but not necessarily being as productive…or healthy…as I could be.

Why I Am Hesitant to Do This

With all of the above being said, I am still hesitant to do this, for one reason and one reason alone, MONEY. I am obsessed with making money, I just started contributing to my 401K and I just now am starting to get some traction with my internet business once again, which is a fantastic feeling. It is likely going to cost me at least an additional $500 to $1,000 per month, so I am thinking that for at least the rest of the year, and possibly the next 2 years, that I will be living with roommates to keep my costs down. $500 to $1,000 per month being contributed to my 401K for 3 years is almost $50,000, if I throw that money into the website, it can quite literally be a blog that generates $1,000.00 per month within a few years, and if I put that money into certifications, I can be potentially looking at Jon Doe CFP, CHFC, CLU within the next 18 months, which is not a bad gig at all.

Why I Am Jumping At the Opportunity of Getting a Single Apartment

With all of the above doubts, I was actually ready to jump at the idea of getting a single apartment just a few days ago when I began to look and found a perfect apartment, and was going to spend the $3500 to move in + $400 per month extra to move in, because I think I could go faster, cut my food cost, and save on driving. But alas, it looks like my sublet has bailed, and that unfortunately, I may have to wait a little while to get my hands on the room, next year however, I’m coming for ya.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Single Apartment, And Why I Am Doing This Surely Next Year.

I think the amount of time it would save me, the healthier diet from being able to cook, and the extra time, energy, health benefits, and the like of getting my own place that is literally a 5 minute drive from my office, is worth the risk of losing a few grand in cash every year indeed. Over the long term, it may seriously up my ability to earn money and to go at a faster pace, and I am really looking forward to the change. For more information on all things money, business, finance, and life, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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