Harvey Specter vs Bobby Axelrod, Who is the Better Power Hungry Player in His Chosen Field?

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Being someone in the field of Finance, and someone who generally likes the Finance game more than the lawyer one, I would say that I personally like Bobby Axelrod in the Harvey Specter vs Bobby Axelrod game, however with this being said, I absolutely respect the skills of Harvey Specter as a lawyer, and for the way that he uses his people skills to get ahead in the game of life, not to diminish his skills as a lawyer. Personally, I feel that we can really learn a lot from these two, both in how they run there lives and their relationships with people, but mainly, for the way that they run their business practices, and for how they succeed in business and in the world. And so, without further ado, in this blog post, I will look at the comparison between Harvey Specter and Bobby Axelrod, and will give the rundown of what we can learn from these two awesome characters. For more information, read on for more posts!

The top players and my favorite characters in each of these shows include the following:

Harvey Specter

Bobby AxelrodHarvey Specter vs Bobby Axelrod

Mike Wagner

Donna Paulsen

Rachel Zane

Mike Ross

Sean Cahill

Charles Forsman

Jessica Pearson

And a host of other characters, read on for more information!

My Harvey Specter vs Bobby Axelrod Review, Why I Tend to Mesh with Bobby Axelrod a Little Bit Better

So, like I said in the former, I tend to kind of mesh with the Bobby Axelrod way of the world more than the Harvey Specter way, for no other reason than I am in the field of finance and have reasonably extensive training, education and experience in the field of finance than I do in the legal realm. This being said, I understand most of what Bobby is talking about, while with Harvey not so much, so I like Bobby a little bit better, and he also generally has way more money than Harvey does. There are however, things to admire about both men, and there are different ways that they have each rose to prominence in becoming an expert in their chosen fields, such as:

  1. Harvey made his name off of primarily people skills and client services skills. Even his perfect record in the legal field is not because of his brainy knowledge of the law like Mike Ross has, but instead it is due to the way that he understands and bends people to his will in order to win cases like he needs to. I definitely am getting better people skills as I go along in my career right now, as this definitely tends to happen in the field of Wealth Management, but they are still nothing like Harvey Specter’s, and the fact that I am running an SEO affiliate site in my days off of work, tells me that I am more of a Mike Ross and Bobby Axelrod brainy type of guy too compared to the Harvey Specter social skills type.
  2. Bobby Axelrod probably has the greatest financial acumen on the face of the planet, knowing tons of information about tons of different businesses, and having holdings in tons of different businesses as such, while also being an expert trader, accountant, tax man, and a jack of all trades in just about every single level of finance that you could imagine, including start-up financing. He also has incredible people skills that are as good if not better than those of Harvey Specter, and overall he is basically Bill Ackman visualized through a TV show, he is definitely the best of both the brains and the soft skills.

What I Admire About Harvey Specter, And How Much He Likely Makes

So Harvey Specter, as I’ve mentioned in a prior blog post, makes somewhere between $6,000,000.00 and $15,000,000.00 per year, which not only lands him in like the .001% of all income earners in the WORLD, but also makes him basically one of the best and wealthiest lawyers out there. Still, this high salary is peanuts to Bobby Axelrod’s likely $1,500,000,000.00 per year, as Axelrod makes something like 250x what Harvey makes in a year on his best day. Comparing the net worth of these two super hero characters is pretty drastic also, since Harvey is probably worth around $100,000,000, while Bobby is worth more like $11,000,000,000.00, yes that’s eleven billion dollars, 110x as much money as someone with $100,000,000.00 has, but again, this is a fictional character.

What I Admire About Bobby Axelrod and His Total Net Worth

Bobby Axelrod, in his character arc, is basically like Bill Ackman or Bobby Axelrod, and is pretty much shown to be one of the richest and smartest men in the entire world in the show. I admire his absolute obsession and dedication to his work and to both the people skills and brain power parts of the game of finance. He has been shown to be the total package in the game of finance, and has become extremely adept at making money and at moving his way up the dominance hierarchy. And aside from some of the plot holes that are now starting to come up a little bit in the show Billions, it is probably my favorite show on television.

Final Thoughts on My Harvey Specter vs Bobby Axelrod Review, Who Wins the Title of King?

And so, who do you think is the winner between Bobby Axelrod and Harvey Specter? I would probably say that Bobby Axelrod is the winner here, in that he would definitely put Harvey in the ground in certain ways. I really hope that one day we can see a Suits Billions crossover episode and watch these two go at it, because Harvey Specter as Bobby’s lawyer would definitely be a ruthless duo who could conquer SEC law and make just about anything that they wanted in the game of finance happen. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up in the future!





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