Is Ozark About an Accountant? Why I Love This Show As a Prospective CPA

Is Ozark about an Accountant! Yes it is, as an aspiring CPA this is by far one of the best shows I have ever seen about finance, accounting, and drama all at the same time. In this show, Marty Byrd is a Financial Advisor, Accountant and Financial Genius who starts washing money for the Cartel and who gets caught up in some extremely violent scenes as a result of it. I really like the scene because it covers financial topics like:

Is Ozark About an Accountant?Forensic Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial Advising


Financial Momentum



Debt Financing

Client Services

Auto Financing

And a host of other financial topics and skills that they show within the series.

Is Ozark About an Accountant? What Are The Different Types of Finance Present Within the Show?

Here’s my list of the different types of Finance present within the show:

Accounting – He is the accountant for Mexico.

Financial Advising – He was a well-established Financial Advisor and multi-millionaire in Chicago.

Financial Management – He is an expert an managing others assets and at personal finance.

Financial Momentum – The show and Marty both do a great job of walking through how momentum works in Finance. At the beginning of the show he has a net worth of around $10,000,000.00. He then has to get Del his $8,000,000.00, which means he has to suffer early withdrawal penalties, 401K cashouts, capital gains taxes, you name it. To get into cash he gets just shy of $8,000,000, enough to satisfy Del after selling off some of his automobiles as well.

Bookkeeping – He does bookkeeping for multiple businesses, this in and of itself is its own trade that you typically see CPA’s on the tax side of things doing.

Investing – Investing is another specialty of his, both for clients and for himself.

Trading – He mentions trading terms, like short positions, ETF and Mutual Funds, and the like. He uses his Series 66 Financial Advisor license at one point to take on client access.

Forensic Accounting and AML – He helps the FBI catch other bosses at one point, and we see plenty of understanding of Forensic Accounting from him on the show.

Business Ownership/Entrepreneurship – We see business ownership and strategy when he runs the Blue Cat and the like.

Software Development – Marty is really an extremely bright guy in terms of Finance. If someone like this really existed he would be one of the greatest financial geniuses the show has ever seen. It is almost unrealistic to see someone who has knowledge of:

Financial Advising – He owned his own RIA advisory practice in Chicago, not easy at all.

Tax Accounting – He is definitely knowledgeable on tax, on the banking system, and on the foreign income tax side of things.

Software Development – He built his cleaning algorithm himself. Rare to see all of the above trades combined with software development. This guy would have an IQ of like 145.

Offshore and Foreign Income Tax

Forensic Accounting – He was going after con men himself

He literally has like Bobby Axelrod level financial knowledge which is very well displayed here.

And a host of others. Hope you enjoyed my quick Ozark financial analysis!


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