How Much Money Does Alfie Solomons Have? My Second Favorite Character In Peaky Blinders

How much money does Alfie Solomons Have? Being he is a powerful business owner and gangster in London (Camden Town is the city he resides), and that he went to school with Darby Sabini, thereby forming an alliance with him, the fact of the matter is that he is just as powerful as Tommy Shelby at the opening of the show, and in fact more powerful since he has an alliance built with Sabini, his old friend from school. What we see midway through Season 2 is Tommy Shelby using the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” scenario in order to win over Alfie and start an alliance with him. This is the scene where Tommy’s nose is bleeding, and Alfie is scaring him a little on the inside by pointing at him from point blank range. We see the two in a ton of duel’s and alliances at many later points within the show, and they actually form a very strong, sort of business-like friendship after years and years of working together. We see this mainly at the end of Season 4 when Alfie leaves, and Tommy looks genuinely sad, with him saying “stay and watch the fight Alfie” trying to get one last outing with his old friend. To answer the question of how much money does Alfie Solomons have, the gist is he likely has around $20,000,000.00. Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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How Much Money Does Alfie Solomons Have?

To get off topic for a second here, my absolute favorite scene with Alfie Solomons is in Season 3, episode 5. A few things happen in this scene that are among the best in the show. First off, there is the confrontation between Alfie and Arthur, or shall I say “Arfur” where Alfie gets in his face and Arthur completely loses it, super entertaining to watch. There is also the scene where Alfie originally meets Tommy in his house and says lines like “nice little place you got here Thomas, what is it? Some foreclosure on a gambling debt for some poor lad who you pumped full of alcohol in one of your casinos or is that just tittle tattle” to which Tommy just says “drink?” This is actually a hilarious statement because he is straight up calling them both our for being racketeers and wild western business men, and it is really funny when you dig deeper into the line.

Other noteworthy scenes from Alfie in this episode are:

The Faberge Egg Jeweler valuation meeting with the business partners

Confrontation between Alfie and Arthur

Alfie’s Future telling glasses

The opening scene of the episode with Alfie and Tommy

I love these two together, in every single movie but primarily in Peaky Blinders, where they both seem to do super well together bouncing off one another.

What Is The Net Worth of Alfie Solomons?

The net worth of Alfie Solomons would likely be in the range of $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 US dollars when we adjust for inflation. Being that his business is around the same size as Tommy’s, and since he is very good with politics, with money, and with moving himself up the ladder, so I think this would be an accurate number considering Tommy’s fortune is right around the same range. For my part and for my final analysis, I would say that Alfie Solomons is likely worth about $20,000,000 as a rough average, this is just a tad less than Tommy Shelby yet makes sense given his skill level and career field.

Businesses That Alfie Solomons Has

To answer how much Alfie Solomons is worth in accurate fashion, we need to take a look at what business ventures Alfie Solomons maintains. The ones that we see on the surface are:

He farms out security and protection to people in the city

He has his alcohol/rum factory

He has race tracks that he takes bets on (similar to Tommy’s casinos and for when he eventually gets licenses and starts race tracks himself)

These are just from mentions within the show. Other business ventures that he has include the following:

Jewelry Business (he actually has one and is a licensed jeweler in Camden town. That one episode where he is valuing jewels is not a joke!)

Racetrack rackets and rum distillery provide the bulk of his income, with the racetracks making up as much as 80% of his earnings in London/Camden Town.

How Much Money Does Alfie Solomons Have? What Businesses Does Alfie Run With Tommy

They work on a racetrack business together, Tommy gives him 35% of his entire business in exchange for freeing Arthur (it was originally agreed upon at 20%, before Alfie tried to get 100%, then 65%, then 45%, before finally settling on 35% for fear of Tommy taking him out.) I like how these two are both in the same business together and of how they both mutually respect each other as virtual equals. The only way Tommy ever really succeeded him up the dominance hierarchy was not by beating him in business, but by entering politics and by becoming a member of parliament, before nearly becoming prime minister towards the end of Season 5 just before his plot was spoiled.

Final Thoughts On How Much Money Does Alfie Solomons Have? Why His Character Makes The Whole Show

And that’s the gist of Alfie Solomons and how much money he makes. If you enjoyed this blog post be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions! I thoroughly enjoy writing about Peaky Blinders and so will be sure to keep posting more content about the show in the very near future. Until next time!






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