How to File Quarterly Income Taxes, And Change Your Schedule C Business To A Partnership

Right now, we have a sole proprietorship, that generates a minuscule amount of revenue a schedule C income, from our blog on inflation, as well as a host of our other websites in our portfolio. Right now, it makes sense to just keep this business as my own, keeping my partner around has more second set of hands than anything, and basically just report this as schedule C, since we make less than $1000 a year currently. A good start, but still a ways to go. What I find, is that when we hit the higher levels, like 50 or $60,000 per year, that forming an official partnership, with an LLC, filing 1065, filing quarterly tax payment estimates, and the lake, is likely going to play in my favor for the long run in a way that’s much better. We are hoping the name of the LLC is something along the lines of having an Internet company kind of title, and that we can make a partnership structure, through an LLC, and that we can do the following legitimately:

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Form a partnership LLC, with me having a 70% ownership, and my partner having a 30% ownership


File 1040- ES estimated quarterly tax payments, in substantially equal amounts, every quarter, each year that we are in business. This will take the place of withholding estimates, and will make sure that we are keeping in the taxman‘s good graces in the correct manner.


Eventually change over the W8 which is on a sole proprietorship, to be the LLCEIN number.


Form a partnership, and file a 1065 each year, as well as pass-through income on each of our specific 1040s each year. Again, this should keep us within IRC compliance, and will make sure we are doing everything by the book.

How To File Quarterly Income Taxes And More

My plan is also to have our annual shareholders meeting each summer on my birthday, at Disney World. What you need to do in order to maintain an appropriate status with your LLC, is to have an annual shareholders meeting, with minutes and a timestamp at a specified time each year. Doing this on my birthday each year will make it a uniform inconsistent day and time each year which How to File Quarterly Income Taxeswill legitimize it, and going to a place to do it each year, like in Orlando at a Disney World hotel, will also spice it up and make us look forward to the annual shareholders meeting. Being able to be myself and a partner, we can keep basic notes in an Excel file that is timestamp, and they also have email timestamps with records in them. What I will fine from here, is what we actually talk about in the meeting. A quick 30 minute meeting over coffee with our laptop out to take notes, should be enough to satisfy the inquiry for an annual shareholders meeting. Things will talk about is our tax structure, our LLC structure, the finances and health of the company, the finances and health of our website portfolio from a technical side, our SEO strategy to grow in the future, and how we plan to grow the business with a combination of a contact strategy, an SEO strategy, and hopefully a lightning fast site speed strategy for all of our websites. Moving to dedicated hosting servers, if we aren’t there already, will likely be a massive topic of discussion for our business, given what I hope is about five, income generating websites, that I all find very interesting and fun to write about.


What I just described is the financial structure of our company going forward, and how I plan on maintaining everything appropriately, in order to one day hopefully build an online business that makes $10-$30,000 per month, or that we can sell for a $1 million buyout legitimately, all while we both maintain six-figure careers in our two separate fields, minding the field of finance, and him being the field of high-level software engineering. Yes, we are quite a duo and we are able to attack attack attack at our business in a way that is super fun to watch it grow.

Final Thoughts On How to File Quarterly Income Taxes, and My Thoughts On Making A Great Tax Structure For Your Business

I wouldn’t call what I’m doing necessarily a tax structure, that’s a little too fancy for what we’re doing. What I am doing is explaining the appropriate way to create a partnership that makes $50-$60,000 per year. File your quarterly income tax estimate, pay your annual filing fee for your LLC, maintain records and timestamps of an annual shareholders meeting at a consistent please on a consistent date every single year. Be sure to have a strategy in place that you meet with every single year to continue growing the business, maintain cash reserves so you can pay your taxes every single year, and maintain cash reserves for if your cash funnel ever ceases, so that you have enough runway to pick back up and grow the lbusiness again. Always plan all the way to the end, and if you get a buyout that is in the rate range, don’t be greedy and be sure to take it if you can. A $1 million buyout is my goal with this website, and while we will likely never get there (yes I still have logic and reason, this thing makes $85 a month right now, takes up a lot of time every single day, and quite honestly has a ton of problems that need to be fixed and parentheses). What it’s fun to dream, it’s fun to strategize, one thing I have found was strategizing and planning, is that well even though they may not always work, each plan you make it better, and they get you closer and close to your goal. For more details and information and all things business and finance, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.


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