Matthew Woodward Review, My Take on the Awesome SEO Genius

My Matthew Woodward review will discuss my personal opinion of the blogger and the SEO agency owner Matthew Woodward. I am somewhat biased in this review as I have had skin in the game with regards to Woodward in my own personal businesses in the past. I have probably given Matthew Woodward something like $30,000.00 in order to scale my website, it worked in terms of SEO quality…although financially, it was a little bit of a hit. And so, without further ado, let’s look at my review of Matthew Woodward’s business model, how much you’ll likely pay for his SEO services, and what type of bang you are getting for your book.

The gist of the many services that Matthew Woodward offers includes the following:

SEO Backlink Building

Matthew Woodward ReviewSEO Consulting

Blogging Help

A Large Readership

A Large Blog (Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors per Month)

A Youtube Channel with 25,000 subscribers

PBN Link Building

Comment link building

Web 2.0 Link Building

Related Posts

Content Curation

And a host of other similar and related services, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

More on My Matthew Woodward Review, How The Service Affected My Website

So, as mentioned in the former, I used Matthew Woodward’s services and was actually very much satisfied with them. I started off by purchasing his PBN backlinks, hosted by the company as well to reduce my own costs, at about $100 USD per link. This started out at $1,000 per month, and moved up to $2,000 per month from there, with me starting out with 10 links per month, then 15 backlinks, and then finally 20 and even 30 backlinks per month. On top of this, I had a massive amount of content, something like 850 articles and product pages ranking in the search engines, and I had thousands of visitors per day. This, alongside a website silo architecture, very well optimized content, good website speed, and a massive backlink profile with something like 350 domain links and thousands of links in total, gave me a pretty sizeable authority website.

Had I scaled up to something like 4,000 or 5,000 articles, with a full website silo architecture, I would have had an authority website indeed, and could have easily sold for $100,000+ or more. However, I ended up getting greedy and selling out early for about $25,000, still…I learned a lot about the great game of SEO.

Matthew Woodward Prices, How Much You’ll Pay for PBN’s and Alternatives

His best product, by far and away is his PBN link building services, as he even has his own website dedicated to solely this. You can expect to pay something like $100 per backlink, and they are links that are definitely quality, and that definitely work. As far as an alternative goes, I put about $30,000 into SEO using Matthew Woodward’s services, and don’t get me wrong>>it works, but I can freelance out 1500 word articles for about $10 a pop that are of pretty decent quality. Take $30,000/$10 and you have 3,000 blog posts of your choosing, that you could probably post within 6-12 months, and you likely will be more of an authority just off of sheer volume of content, than if you had gone the SEO route>>speaking from experience, and just some food for thought here.

Final Thoughts on My Matthew Woodward Review, My Opinion

And so, that’s my Matthew Woodward review. If you are a business that has some serious cash flow to pour into SEO, and if you know enough about what you are doing in the field in order to stick it out for the long game, than Matthew Woodward can definitely grow your business exponentially. Something like an E-Commerce website that is consistently bringing in $10,000 per month can be scaled to such a scary degree (up to the $50K per month or $100,000 per month numbers) in that with just $4,000 per month, you can post an insane amount of content with fantastic SEO. So stay on the path, and comment down below with your progress!







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