How To Grow A Website To 1 Million Visitors Per Day From Scratch, Why I Will One Day Do This

How to grow a website to 1 million visitors per day from scratch is no mean feat, however it is extremely fun to dream about, and is a huge goal of mine one day. If my math is right, I would estimate that I could likely hit something like 10,000x my current scale and revenue with that kind of traffic, for revenue of around $2,000,000 per month, or about $25,000,000 per year when you include other income like portfolio dividends and basic savings account interest on that type of money. Obviously, this is something of an outlandish goal, but with the power of hours of work every day for decades, outsourcing, a good staff, and the snowball effect, this is actually possible, though not likely, and I have actually seen this happen in person for a start-up company that I used to work at. And so, on my blog that makes $250 per month on a good month, I am going to tell you what my plan to make $2,000,000 per month in revenue is, by getting 1 million visitors per day. For more details and information on all things business and finance, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

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How To Grow A Website to 1 Million Visitors Per Day, How I Would Start

Okay so here’s how to get started, and I have done this on probably a dozen sites by now. Start off cheap, as if you are just starting out building a blog, you have no revenue and it is much more likely that you are broke or middle class, than it is that you are rich. I would start off with something like Godaddy or Hostinger. Once you hit something like 10-20,000 views per month or 50,000+ views per month and you are making as much as $300+ per month, then you can upgrade to better hosts. I would recommend switching over to either a Bluehost Dedicated Server or a well-known site speed and page load time server like WP Engine or, which is once again what my SEO idol Matthew Woodward himself recommends.

Getting To Your First 1 Sale A Day Mark

Going from zero to 1 sale a day is, believe it or not, the hardest part (there is some truth to this and it is also an exaggeration.) The reason I say this is that once you are at the 1 sale a day mark, which is where this blog is at right now, meaning, you now have a viable business model, and all you have to do is scale it. When you are at zero, it is very easy to get caught up, as a beginner, in trying to “reinvent the wheel” or “build your brand” or “get in a magazine” and all this nonsense. What you need to do is use the Google algorithm to your advantage, persistently write content at scale, and find a niche that you can

A. Stand to write about…a lot

B. Scale and that is niche-specific enough to rank on Google, while also being broad enough that you can “niche up” and still get more traffic (Niching up is when you go more broad on your topic in order to grab new keywords.).

My best advice to you, is that once you have a good host setup, choose a dot com domain name, and get setup on DO NOT try to scale up a dot com website with something like a or domain, not if you are a beginner and if you are experienced. When using a software platform like this, it is literally over before it begins. I have been doing SEO and affiliate blogging for like 10 years now, and with these types of sites, it is over before it begins, save these for part of your Private Blog Network or Youtube Channels to embed content, but I would not make these for your money sites.

The best way to go from 0 to 1 sale per day is to pick a topic and go to something like Ahrefs, Semrush, the Google Search “FAQ” results in the Search Engines, or to even something a tad bit more targeted, like All those headings and titles that you will see through doing that keyword research? Those are your blog post titles. Download the SEO Yoast plugin and follow the optimization instructions below your blog post with the plugin. Try to get all the lights for your blog posts to at least green or orange. From here, you will have enough content optimization to start getting some consistent organic traffic to your website.

A word of advice on this, make sure to also submit your links to Google using the “URL Inspection” Tool. Head on over to Google Webmaster Tools and get your website indexed. From here, also make sure to submit all new URLs on your website so they get indexed faster. For even faster indexing options, you can use something like Twitter, your Facebook page, or your Linkedin, and post all new content on one or all of those social platforms. This will give the added benefit of making your website have additional legitimacy in the SERPs due to having your name out their more, which should greatly increase your website trust flow.

Getting to 10 Sales Per Day

Getting to 10 sales per day is just more of the same here. Once you cross the 1 sale per day threshold on your website, which I would do by just using hand written content that you craft yourself, you have enough of a base made up so that you can really grow your site. At this point, start re-investing all profits from the website into solely new content. Until you have 1,000 to 2,000 articles on your website, I honestly would only worry about your technical foundation, curating your current content, and generating new content in order to scale your blog. You don’t have enough of a skillset built up or enough cash flow coming in to worry about building links at this point, so stick to the bread and butter of SEO until you are making more like $2,000 to $4,000 per month consistently, and until you have like a $30,000 business emergency fund account setup. From here, focus on hitting 1,000 to 2,000 articles and you will likely reach the 10 sales per day mark, giving you the $25,000 to $50,000 per year number.

To go from 1 sale a day up to 10 sales per day, I would use a combination of additional tools to speed up your journey. Outsource content, invest in better keyword research tools, find a way to block off more time writing and curating each day, and even experiment with things like mixing up long form and short form content together in order to scale up the volume of your website. Keep scaling from here and you will eventually hit and surpass this mark. The 10 sale per day mark is the most that I have ever gotten in revenue off of a website before. is currently at 1 sale per day, and I hope to crack the 10 sale per day mark by the end of 2022, fingers crossed that we make it here.

Getting to 100 Sales Per Day, And Using Milestones To Grow

This number pretty much puts you in the $250,000 to $350,000 per year range dollar amount. For me, given the CPM’s I am currently getting on this website (and we are using pretty much a solely ad-based model for this blog. I am very good at traffic generation on an organic level, but am rather mediocre at conversion rate optimization. I also find I can make the most money by just going flat out all in on traffic generation.) It is extremely difficult to get here, and you run into a fair share of problems as you try to grow from 10 to 100 sales per day.

First off, it takes time and effort to keep your finances in order. Maintaining something like this with both accurate books, with a server that is expensive enough to maximize your blog and scale from here, and with hiring the accountant and attorney that you will likely need to use to both maintain and scale at this point, not to mention outsourcing to a programmer and the massive amount of content that you will need to post to go from $250K to $1M per year, let alone $10M and beyond. To put going from 100 sales a day to $10M per year into perspective, you will need to 40x your total number of blog posts, you will also likely need to expand all of your content to make it longer, and will want to go through every single blog post with a fine toothed comb on something advanced, like the Surfer SEO software, so that you can see all the low hanging fruit that you are missing in terms of website optimization.

Add to this the fact that your technical SEO, the very foundation of your website, meaning your server hosting, your up time, your website speed, your HTML and CSS deferments and cleanup, running through all your 404 pages, etc. etc. It all becomes critical at this point. With a $10,000,000 per year blog, running into a mess with little pitter patter issues like these can literally cost you thousands of dollars per month, or worse, your rankings. Google can easily move you from 1 to 3 or lower for some heavy money making key terms just because your competitors have cleaner or more legitimate websites overall. At this point, it is like a 60 hour+ work week that is flat out on this. You now have a business not a side hustle, and to keep your kingdom going, you are going to need to make relationships with the right people, and invest a huge amount of time into scaling your business.

Finding a Systematic Business Model to Create A Massive Snowball Effect

Given the rant I just gave above, what you’ll want to do at this point is more administrative in nature in order to scale. To go from $10,000,000 per year up to $100,000,000 per year, you may need as much as a total staff of 20+ people. You will likely need to hire content writers, and you are going to diversify somewhat with multiple websites so that all your eggs aren’t spent building up one basket. As we all know from reading up to this point, one penalty from penguin or something of the like and your $10M a year business can easily become $500,000 per year or lower, so it is good to have multiple sites up for testing. Caution is the name of the game at this point, it gets harder and harder to scale past a certain point because a huge chunk of your time is spent maintaining your revenue and playing defense, rather than going on the offensive with content 100% of the time.

Imagine having a website that makes $10,000,000 per year in gross revenue. Or let’s even up the ante more and say you have a staff of 30 that are working round the clock 60 to 70 hour work How To Grow A Website To 1 Million Visitors Per Day From Scratchweeks for like $80,000+ per year each. The site goes down. Every second the website is down, your rankings are plummeting, your users and customers are getting upset because they can’t buy your products, click your ads or view your content, and you start to snowball downward in a major day. Every single day the website is down you lose likely $500,000 when you include the rankings drop (not to mention the dividends and interest on your money) which means that every hour the website is down, you are losing something like $25,000 to $30,000 per hour, or what I consider my 1 years emergency fund right now.

It is awesome, and it is stressful. But make it to this level and you are now the king in your kingdom, and you will have to make certain sacrifices in order to maintain and grow your kingdom.

Leveraging An Email List And a Youtube Channel

At this level of scale, say 100,000 to 1,000,000 website visitors per day, you will want to leverage an email list. Even on a website like this where we get 2% email conversion rates on a content locker and .25% email conversion rates on something like an email top bar across the site, we would be losing out on a ton of long term money by not collecting emails. 30,000,000 website visitors per month could give you as much as 600,000 or 1,000,000 subscribers PER MONTH that are brand new, just off your traffic. These cannot be taken away if you get hit with a penalty, and are worth in the neighborhood of $60,000 per month, that grows each month. Yeah….adding an email list is hugely powerful here.

A Youtube channel could also be a great way to diversify your traffic here too. A simple Youtube Subscribe plugin at this point could get you to 100,000 or 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube rather quickly with this kind of traffic. Another way of diversifying your income source so that you always have one for life!

How to Grow A Website to 1 Million Visitors Per Day, You Will Need Around 300,000 Blog Posts For This

My guess, off of the traffic that I am getting from this website right now, is that you will likely need in the range of 300,000 blog posts for this, which are quality and which are perfectly SEO optimized. This will cost to the tune of $1,500,000, but don’t worry you can buy them with the lean start-up model and just ride the wave on the way up. Again, this type of content is going to require basically round the clock support to maintain, and even if you diversify this traffic and content into a portfolio of websites, you are looking at 80 hour work weeks here with a large staff to maintain something like this. Depending on your monetization strategy, 1,000,000 visitors per day could land you as much as $25,000,000 to $100,000,000 per year with an ads-based, email marketing based, or E-Commerce based business model.

How To Turn 1 Million Visitors Per Day Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Corporate Empire

From here, it’s basically in delegation, people skills and in hiring the right people. I have heard a wise man say once that at the higher levels of business, things like soft skills start to take a lot more control over your success, and even in starting a computer company, does this ring true – not to tarnish the awesome power of being a wizard at the technical side of the business. Turning 1 million visitors per day into a multi billion dollar corporate empire is extremely difficult, and depending on who you have around you, can be even harder than getting to this point, or can be effortless as your money basically spirals you upwards. At this point, you pretty much have two options, go for the golden ticket, which is a company IPO, or try and sell for a 9 figure payout. In either case, you should at least be in fairly good shape financially.

How to Turn 1 Million Visitors Per Day Into a $100,000,000 Buy Out And Retire Like a King!

What I would do if I had 1,000,000 visitors per day on this blog is one of two things. Go for the big “B” (Billion) by hiring a staff and growing the company, working 80 to 100 hour work weeks and sacrificing basically my entire life to go all in on the start-up company. Or, use the $25,000,000 per year in revenue proof to go to something like, or a private broker, in order to sell for a 3 to 4 years revenue valuation. From here, cash out and sleep like a baby with your 9 figure account. Travel, get married, have babies, live a life in style!

Final Thoughts On How To Grow A Website To 1 Million Visitors Per Day

And that’s how I would grow a website to 1 million visitors per day and beyond. I actually really enjoyed writing this blog post and unfortunately had to rush it somewhat as I have to go to work early tomorrow. It felt like I was taking myself through what the journey of scaling this online business from 1 sale a day, all the way up to a multi-billion dollar corporate empire could be like, and it felt pretty cool. Stay with your online business my friends, it is a very difficult journey but you will not regret it in the end. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional info!






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