How to Get Traffic To Your Website From Reddit?

How to Get Traffic To Your Website From Reddit? This is a very difficult question to answer, as I have found a few off the cuff ways to Monetize Reddit, but almost none of them actually lead to traffic to or from the website. I have been using Reddit somewhat obsessively over the past several months however, and a game that I used to just spam on is now something that I actually have an account with like 500 Karma or something on. And so in this blog post, I will tell you how you can make money on Reddit, both through jobs and through group exposure, and of what you’ll likely need to do to build up a Reddit profile. In this blog post, let’s go through all the steps to both make money on, and funnel traffic to, your website from Reddit.


Make a Reddit Account

How to Get Traffic To Your Website From Reddit?Your username is a derivative of your blog name. For instance mine is “inflationhedgingblog” >>Legal Branding that Mods will not care about

Put your website URL in your bio. It ads a social link and will give you a very small stream of traffic to your blog. I get 1-2 visitors a week from that Reddit link. Essentially useless but over a 25 year span of time can add up to a full 2 months of Traffic.

Start Redditing

Join Related Niche Subreddits

Comment with Useful or Funny Comments

Start a Subreddit

Build a Following

Advertise to Your Subreddit

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How to Get Traffic To Your Website From Reddit? A Detailed Approach

Here’s the gist of how to make a little bit of money from your reddit commenting habit. What I did so far to get something like $1 a month off of Reddit, but growing every single day, is the following:

I made an account with my website in the profile, and I have been commenting in a way that is hilarious to the readers of my Subreddits and other online profile’s that I am in. In the last month I have managed to grab 600 Karma on Reddit. Expanded over a ten year period of time, this is like 100,000 Reddit Karma, which is probably in the top 1% on the forum. From here, you should also be growing your own Subreddits to get as many users as possible. As you get more comments and traction, you can start to market your website or other affiliate offers on the platform. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to to this however, and there are honestly much faster ways to make money online than with this.

Final Thoughts On How to Get Traffic to Your Website From Reddit, Why I Actually Do Not Recommend This

After a month of hard work getting my userbase, my comment and post Karma, and my general following and profile up on my Reddit account (following me I am inflationhedgingblog on Reddit) I sadly have little to show for my efforts, maybe 1-2 visitors per month. Something is better than nothing, and over a long period of time that may add up to a few dollars, but overall the juice is just not worth the squeeze. The real way to monetize reddit is to get into field subreddits, like Accounting, Engineering or Finance, and to try and use them to network your way to a job, like a much more impersonal Linkedin account.

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