What is the Value of Having 500 LinkedIn Connections?

What is the value of having 500 LinkedIn connections? There’s a value in having the 500+ number of LinkedIn connections, that is actually very easily quantifiable with some quick napkin math. Aside from the fact that each one of these connections is another shot at a job likely in the $50,000 to $120,000 per year range or more, you can also monetize these with blog traffic, affiliate offers, ad revenue, a sell of your business (LinkedIn traffic at even just 100+ visitors per day could increase your site valuation by as much as thousands of dollars) and much more. And so in this blog post, I’ll tell you the value of LinkedIn connections and how to monetize them.

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What Is The Value of Having 500 Linkedin Connections?Meta








And a host of others. Also be sure to stay tuned for why Meta and Zuckerberg are laying off 11,000 employees!

What Is The Value of Having 500 LinkedIn Connections?

The true value of having 500+ LinkedIn connections, assuming that the majority of your connections came from interviews, networking events, current and past jobs, college, and business friends and family, is actually somewhat intangible. The value is in your network, and in the ability for you to land jobs, possibly at the drop of a hat.

If I look at my LinkedIn right now and I see probably 100 Financial Advisors, 100 Accountants, 20 lawyers, 10 start-up entrepreneurs, Computer programmers, graphic designers, CEOs, Real Estate Developers, every single different type of career field you could think of, I have someone in that field on my Linkedin account. Point here is that have been able to get scores of different jobs, job interviews, relocation opportunities, and the like because of my network on Linkedin. The internet is extremely powerful in 2022 and beyond, and if you can use it you are king of the hill, if you cannot…you’re going to get left behind.

Why You Should Start Your LinkedIn Today

If you are 22 and reading this, the answer is probably so intuitive to you from growing up with technology that you may not even bother reading this article. However if you’re 60, and you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet and you’re thinking it may help you leverage a raise, then you would be 100% correct. You need to start your profile now, as you gain connections, your profile>>and by extension you and your CV, start to stand out as more legitimate.

Go to LinkedIn.com and get setup

Once you’ve put in all your info get a professional headshot

From here list your location and your last 10-20+ years of employment information.

Now we go to work. Every friend, acquaintance and old and current work colleague gets added as a connection. Every interview you add someone, every event etc. Becomes a new connection. This has a massive compounding effect over time, and will eventually lead to new job and business opportunities, in perpetuity!

Final Thoughts On What Is The Value of Having 500 Linkedin Connections?

The true value of having this many connections, and why I am seriously happy that I have just recently hit this number on Linkedin, is that I now have a massive social network of people in my field. I have gotten more than a few job interviews by just pinging someone on Linkedin and by just seeing if there was a networking event or a person that I could try and grab coffee with etc. Nearly landed my first job as a tax associate by doing this, and I also have found tons of job postings all over the United States, and also have a massive traffic source in my back pocket that I can use should I ever want to use one. I could likely get at least 1500 visitors a month to this blog just off of Linkedin. Say $50 a month at scale and say that I could 20 or 100x that fairly easily, yes Linkedin is surely a force to be reckoned with and can very easily become a fantastic source of online traffic and employment income.

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